Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro hidden features


Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

As a general rule, manufacturers of electronic devices usually include within the firmware a set of secret menus from which you can access information of interest to technical service personnel. In many cases, its options also allow you to run component diagnostic tests and access advanced features.

In the case of phones manufactured by the company Xiaomi and in particular its models Bit X3 Prowithin these hidden functions, as it could not be otherwise, the functions for Android application developers are included, which is also known as the developer options.

In addition, there is a menu with advanced network features and additional options for data storage, among others. He even has a engineer mode which includes a variety of diagnostic tools and settings intended for users with advanced knowledge.

Here’s how to access each of these features.

How to Access Developer Features on Poco X3 Pro

First of all you have to activate the development mode of the phone. For this, go to Setting > About of the phone. Now, press seven times in a row on the option MIUI Version…

Once done, go back to the menu Setting > Additional settings and click on the new function developer options.

How to access advanced features of Poco X3 Pro

go to Setting > About of the phone >all specifications. Now press several times on the option Internal storage.

How to access engineer mode on Poco X3 Pro

Open the phone application on your Poco X3 Pro cell phone and mark the sequence *#*#6484#*#* using the keyboard. That’s it.


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