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World Cup Video Package Prices to Watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Gadgetren – As a video streaming service from Indonesia, Saw it has presented a variety of streaming and on demand video content ranging from series, mini dramas, movies, to sports (football, basketball, Formula 1, and others).

Interestingly, Vidio itself presents a lot of football content, starting from the English League, Champions League, to the World Cup. Moreover, the World Cup or Qatar 2022 World Cup is taking place from mid-November to December 2022.

This is what makes football lovers in Indonesia look for details and subscriptions to Vidio packages to watch the 2022 World Cup Qatar through the official Vidio website and mobile application.

The World Cup Video package itself comes with three options consisting of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 for all devices, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 specifically for cellphones and tablets, as well as Diamond (EPL) & FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Video Package Price: World Cup

  • All Devices: IDR 89,000
  • Mobile and Tablet Special: IDR 59,000

All of these packages will get World Cup content including matches, highlights, and replays during the Qatar 2022 World Cup. There are 50 selected Platinum content such as The Movile’s Last Wolf, Angel Has Fallen, Love For Sale, and many more.

Those of you who subscribe to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 can only watch on 1 device at the same time. To watch World Cup content, you need to make sure the device (mobile, TV, laptop or tablet) supports the DRM feature used by checking it via the following page.

Later World Cup 2022 content will be available until December 2022. All of these packages do not provide rights to watch together, so you need separate permission from Vidio if you want to do so using this package.

Furthermore, if you want to get a more complete package where the Qatar 2022 World Cup is combined with various other sporting events such as the Champions League, European League, NBA and others, you can choose Diamond (EPL) & FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Diamond (EPL) & FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

  • World Cup content such as World Cup livestreaming, highlights and replays
  • Diamond Content
  • Broadcast the Premier League and all sports content (Champions League, Europa League, NBA, BRI Liga 1, Liga 2, Beni (1 & 3), WTA, IBL and more
  • Vidio Original Series
  • Serial Korea
  • Hollywood and local movies
  • International TV
  • Active time up to 1 year
  • Price IDR 569,000

With more features and content offered, of course making Diamond (EPL) & FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 the most complete package presented by Vidio so you can enjoy a variety of interesting content.

How to Subscribe to the World Cup Video Package

Via the Video Application

  • Access the Vidio application on your cellphone
  • Login to Video account
  • Select the menu Account and Settings berikon three lines at the top right
  • Next, select the menu Subscriptions and Purchases
  • Click options Subscribe to Premier
  • Choose your desired World Cup package and press the button Select Package
  • Select Package type and press button Buy it
  • Next, you are asked to make a payment using Google Pay or Apple Pay
  • After success, you will get SMS and email notifications about the package

Through the Video Site

  • Site access Saw it via browser
  • Login to Video account
  • Press the button Customer at the top right
  • Decide on the World Cup Video package that you want to buy and press the button Select Package
  • Select Package Type and press button Buy it
  • Select payment method which is available
  • After the package has been purchased, you will get an SMS and email notification

As a note, the payment methods for subscribing to the Vidio World Cup package through the official website are more varied because you can use Voucher, OVO, DANA, Alfamart, Kredivo, Shopee Pay, debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, or Apple Pay codes.

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