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Why WhatsApp Reconnecting Constantly on iPhone? This is the explanation

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Gadgetren – Not only for users of Android-based mobile phones, WhatsApp has also become a mainstay service in communicating for some people who use iPhone devices.

The ease of use and the various features of the service are some of the reasons. Plus the operating system that is supported is also quite a lot so that we can communicate with anyone.

However, the service can turn into a very annoying problem if it can’t be used properly. Whereas on the other hand there are many obstacles that can appear suddenly.

On iPhone devices, one of the obstacles that can arise is WhatsApp is in continuous reconnecting mode. As a result we can not contact the people who are needed at a moment’s notice.

Why does WhatsApp go into continuous reconnecting mode on iPhone? For those of you who want to solve this problem, here are some reasons that could be the cause.

Why WhatsApp Reconnecting Constantly on iPhone?

App Or System Bug

Updates to applications and operating systems are designed to fix various problems that often occur in previous versions. It’s just that it does not rule out it brings a number of bugs.

Bugs that appear can certainly make applications or systems on the device unable to run properly. Including the problem of WhatsApp constantly reconnecting can also be caused by this.

Waiting for an update from the developer is certainly the only way to do it. While doing that, we can keep checking through Software Update for the operating system or Apple Apps Store for application.

Troubled Data

When running, applications and operating systems require appropriate data to be processed. A series of problems can arise if there is an imbalance between the two including WhatsApp being able to reconnect continuously.

Reinstalling the WhatsApp application can therefore be one solution that can be done. That way, the service will produce the necessary data files from scratch so they can re-synchronize with them.

Insufficient Connection

In order to work properly, WhatsApp requires a very adequate internet connection. We may lose some of its features if the WiFi or cellular network used is not sufficient.

WhatsApp that goes into reconnecting mode constantly can also happen because of this. We can also try refreshing the network (turning on and off airplane mode), switching from WiFi to cellular connection or vice versa, to resetting the settings.

Low Data Usage Option On

Inadequate connection above can also be caused by options low data usage which is lit. This setting is because it will limit data usage from the WiFi or cellular network that is being used.

To prevent this from happening, we can turn off the setting via Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options for mobile networks. While for WiFi through Settings > Wi-Fi > tombol Info (i icon letter) next to the SSID name used.

Incorrect App Settings

Apps like WhatsApp need proper settings to run. This includes various permissions to display notifications, access locations, to local networks that may need to be activated.

We can check the settings one by one through the page Settings > WhatsApp. Make sure all the permission settings needed by the short message application are on so that it can run properly.

WhatsApp Is Having Problems

The appearance of the WhatsApp Reconnecting message could be due to something beyond the user’s control. This service from Meta is also inseparable from server disturbances that can occur at any time without warning like other online services.

Even WhatsApp has actually experienced several disruptions that have made users around the world immediately panic and ask questions through other channels such as Twitter because their communication is hampered. Of course if this happens it is very annoying because you can’t do anything to fix it.

If this is indeed the cause, then it won’t be long before WhatsApp makes an official announcement whether they are experiencing server problems or not. Therefore, there is no harm in checking social media to find out the latest news.

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