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Why Laptop Often Not Responding? This is the Reason and the Solution

Gadgetren – Of the various kinds of problems that often arise when using a laptop, the application “not responding” or not responding is one that happens quite a lot.

When it greets the user, we find it difficult to complete the activity that needs to be done with it. It can even cause more serious problems when it includes important work.

Troubleshooting laptops that often don’t respond unfortunately will be different for each case where in general it depends on the cause. As for those of you who don’t know, here are some reasons why this could happen so you can avoid it.

1. Lack of Memory

Normally, a laptop or computer device in general can be used to do a number of tasks or processes simultaneously. It’s just that later some problems may arise if there are too many and exceed the capacity allowed by the laptop.

Applications or systems that are not responding can also occur because of this problem. When you need to handle multiple tasks, your laptop can run out of memory and have to perform processing incrementally or cancel some of them.

Even on older laptops or computers, memory shortages are often tricked by using storage media such as hard drives which have much slower speeds, making all processes take longer.

In order for it to run smoothly again, we can also close applications that are running both in front and behind the screen or delete them as a temporary solution. Adding memory can also be a wise choice if the problem is not resolved.

2. Drivers Are Outdated or Problematic

Program problems that often don’t respond can also occur when driver laptop is out of date or has a problem. The compatibility between the system and the application with the hardware being bridged is very important for the device to run normally.

Bugs that appear in driver development can be one of the sources of the problem. Damage to data or files needed to bridge hardware due to user or system error can be the culprit.

Ensuring a computer system which includes drivers is always up-to-date, so it’s very important to do. If the problem persists, we sometimes even need to do a reinstall.

3. Malware Attacks

Problems that arise in a computing device are sometimes not far from malware attacks. This can also be the cause of why applications on laptops often don’t respond when run, apart from causing other damage.

When an application or laptop system is often not responding, we can try to do a malware scan with the built-in antivirus or a third party if we feel it is still lacking. We can also take advantage of safe mode support if still stubborn.

Malwarebyte is a service that can be used free of charge with very reliable efficacy. Even these services can be done online to provide better accuracy.

4. Decrease in Component Performance

With use, the ability of the components used in the device can decrease. This of course can cause a number of problems including also making laptop applications often not responding.

For example is HDD (Hard Disk Drive). This laptop storage component has a lifespan. The more often it is used, the ability to read and write data will decrease. Even the duration can be shorter if we use the device carelessly.

If there is a decrease in performance, replacing related components is certainly very necessary. So we can take the laptop to a repair center or service place to make sure of this.

5. Laptop is no longer supported

In order to be able to run certain applications, we need a laptop that has specifications that at least meet the minimum system requirements. We may have an unpleasant experience if we are still under it.

Applications will often not respond if the resources needed, be it a processor, graphics processor, or memory, are still lacking. Even in some cases it might not be able to be installed on a laptop.

Before installing, we need to make sure that the laptop supports the desired application. If you really need it, you may need to upgrade or even buy a new device.

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