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Why is the strawberry the most successful fruit in April?


Arrives April and with this month, the arrival of the strawberry as the fruit that most devastates among all those that reign this food. It happens that what is known as the strawberry season arrives, and this is a compelling reason to know why it is so beneficial for our body, since it has nutritional values ‚Äč‚Äčthat help prevent certain diseases. Did you know that eating strawberries is good for our hearts?

Specialists in the field note that we should consume about 100 grams of strawberries a daya figure that is equivalent to a normal portion of a dessert, breakfast or snack.

And it is that when we talk about strawberries, we talk about quality in every way, which is why one of the daily pieces of fruit is recommended.

looks like a natural remedy, eat strawberries, which will help you avoid desserts with added sugars. Fruit is always the best substitute to lower your blood glucose.

What is the difference between strawberry and strawberry?

We must start from the difference between Strawberry and strawberrywhich is not the same even though it may seem like it in some times or places when sharing root.

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Learn about the benefits of strawberries, apply them to your rich and balanced diet and enjoy a unique fruit

Strawberries tend to be less seasonal than strawberry, more durable and less delicate. Hence, they can be easily transported.

We can find strawberries in greengrocers, markets and supermarkets of all kinds so that you can include them in your rich and balanced diet.

On the other hand, the cultivation of this plant is sometimes brought forward, so that from December they can be found in some places. What two things should I keep in mind between strawberry and strawberry?

  1. The strawberry has a more intense flavor than the strawberry
  2. The strawberry is usually grown at 90% in Huelva

Did you not know? Andalusia, and specifically Huelva, has always been at the forefront of harvesting this type of fruit that is so well-known and widespread.

What benefits can the strawberry bring?

The truth is that it does have a strawberry and strawberry coincidence when compared: when it is harvested, it no longer matures in the crop.

Hence, the importance of picking it up during maturation is key to discovering its maximum flavour. We must take strawberries naturally, in bites, or with some sweet preparation.

Now it is time to talk about the multiple nutritional advantages that a food such as strawberries leaves, unique in its kind with its contributions of all kinds:

  • rich in vitamin C
  • Low in calories, because they have 85 of water
  • They have a great antioxidant capacity
  • Source of folic acid
  • It has potassium, vitamin K and magnesium
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Increase defense

Then the strawberry has the possibility of improving liver and kidney function, so it helps the liver and kidneys. And it helps intestinal transit.

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