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Why is fruit sugar good but processed sugar is not?


Sugar is like friends: any of them is not good for us. There are many foods in our rich and balanced diet that can offer us their best face, and with it, their best benefits to our body, and others not so much, because they are directly responsible for being harmful to our body. We have to be careful with the choice of sugars, because when they come from fruits they are welcome, but what about when they come from other places?

By law, the fruit is a plant food It is incorporated into all healthy diets. It is usually characterized by its sweetness, especially when it has matured correctly.

This is because it contains a large number of types of sugars, which in case you did not know, are called fructose. They also have, in a smaller amount, the well-known glucose.

Sugar is not understood without one or the other, but we must pay special attention to the first, because it is the key to sugar for all the senses.

What is fructose?

As we said, and in addition to glucosefructose is a component of white sugar, the one we have always known as table sugar, and corn syrup.

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The sugar in fruits is beneficial for many reasons, while the sugar in processed foods is not.

It happens that both sweeteners They are often used as common ingredients in the preparation of processed foods, sauces and condiments.

Studies usually associate the increased consumption of products with a higher incidence of metabolic diseases, such as:

  • The obesity
  • The diabetes
  • fatty liver
  • lipids in the blood

Regarding the amount of sugar, we must point out that foods that have sugary sweeteners have a higher calorie consumption.

Regarding the consumption of hypercaloric diets, low in fruits and vegetables, rich in fat, it has been globalized, facilitating the epidemic growth of these pathologies.

In terms of quality, fructose is easily transformed into fat in the liver. So for the same amount of fructose and glucose, the former produces more fat in the liver.

Why is fruit sugar okay?

When it comes to consuming fructose from fruits, we take into account that we can obtain all the necessary properties to be able to have a rich and balanced diet.

We are talking about fiber, minerals and vitamins in fruits, which with the help of our saliva and our digestive juiceswe make the fructose reach the body slowly.

The intestinal cells manage to obtain the fructose they absorb, so that very little reaches the liver through the blood.

If, on the contrary, we take sugar through a processed food, the liver will notice it and we could have obesity in the long run, diabetes or hypercholesterolemia.

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