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Why Instagram Accounts Can Be Suspended? This is the reason!

Gadgetren – Instagram has become one of the most important services for some people to do various things from just filling their spare time to running a business.

I personally even open this service at least once a day to view information from various technology company accounts, listen to news from relatives and friends, or look for items to buy.

Therefore, we may be a little confused if the Instagram account is suddenly suspended for no reason like the incident that has hit some users recently. At least we’ll find out why.

There are several reasons why an Instagram account can be suspended. Those of you who are looking for information about this can listen in more detail as follows.

Why Instagram Accounts Can Be Suspended?

Violating Community Guidelines

In order to keep the ecosystem in its services running healthy, the social media platform Instagram have community guidelines. Each user is also required to comply with the various provisions that exist.

If we violate these provisions, we can also be subject to sanctions. One of these accounts may be suspended for which the duration can vary, ranging from temporary or permanent.

Some of the provisions in the community guidelines that users need to adhere to include the following:

  • Does not violate copyright
  • Does not contain prohibited content
  • Engage interactions (like, comment, and share) that are organic, not spam
  • Follow the applicable law
  • Appreciate and respect other users
  • Don’t create content that can hurt yourself
  • Be careful in sharing news

When an account is temporarily suspended we don’t think we’ve acted in violation of the community guidelines above, we can request a review. We just need to follow the instructions that appear after logging into the Instagram app to do so.

Bug Instagram

In addition to violating community guidelines, Instagram accounts can also be suddenly suspended due to bugs from service development. This is the same as the case that occurred on Monday, October 31, 2022.

After many users complained that their accounts were suspended for no apparent reason, Instagram finally confirmed that it was due to a development bug via his Twitter page.

However, we don’t need to worry because the problem is claimed to have been successfully resolved. So users can now log into Instagram services with their accounts normally.

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