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Why IndiHome WiFi Network Sometimes There Is No Internet Connection?

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Gadgetren – With its network coverage that is now getting wider, IndiHome become a favorite service for some people to get a home internet connection that has high speed.

The services offered by Telkom Indonesia are also seen to have several attractive packages.

In this case, we can choose it based on bandwidth ranging from 20Mbps to 390Mbps which of course has different price ranges so that it can be adjusted to the needs of each customer.

We can also choose it based on the type of product offered because now IndiHome also offers entertainment services. These include dual play (2p) and triple play (3p) packages which will include a combination of internet, telephone, or interactive television.

Even so, IndiHome also does not include a service that can be said to be perfect even though it can be said that it is quite old. Those of us who use this service will often be preoccupied with various kinds of problems, such as an internet connection that suddenly disappears from the network.

In fact, when the IndiHome WiFi network does not have internet, we will have a little trouble especially if we already depend on it. We therefore need to find out the cause of why it happened so that we can deal with it immediately because it can be caused by damage or other things that we might be able to solve on our own.

Why IndiHome WiFi Network Can Have No Internet Connection?


In order for customers to always get the best quality service, IndiHome also often performs maintenance on its network. This is done to fix problems, improve security systems, to manage workloads.

Maintenance itself is not only done on the hardware side such as servers or networks fiber optic (FO) just. This red-plated service also often does it on the software side, from the database to the system used.

When maintenance is done, we may not normally be allowed to use their services to avoid problems from the source side. Including the internet connection in the WiFi network from IndiHome, it may also be temporarily disabled, which will usually be announced first.


In addition to maintenance, damage to the network is sometimes unavoidable because it can happen suddenly. Even though things like this can cause connection problems on the IndiHome WiFi connection so that customers can’t use internet services or maybe the network doesn’t work optimally.

Whether local or mass, the disturbance that occurs cannot be resolved by the user alone. We have to be patient waiting for IndiHome to solve it while looking for temporary alternatives so that we can still surf the internet because the problem is completely out of the user’s control.

The good news is that checking the IndiHome service is interrupted or not is not a difficult matter nowadays. Telkom Indonesia because it provides several channels that can be used to do this. Apart from that, we can also listen to it on popular news channels to find out whether it is a mass disturbance or not.

Blocker (Isolation)

IndiHome also applies a sanction in the form of network isolation for those who are late in making monthly bill payments. So in addition to being fined, we will also temporarily lose access to their services.

This restriction will also be carried out on the WiFi network which is their main product. If this is the case, then there will be no internet access until we pay the bill or the penalty set before the network is returned by IndiHome.

Problematic Device

As the age of use, the devices used to create the IndiHome WiFi network can certainly experience a decrease in performance, especially if they are continuously used 24 hours throughout the year. It can even cause various kinds of problems including loss of internet access.

For routers, we can specifically try to solve the problem by trying to refresh the device. We in this case generally just need to reload (turn it off and on again) and hope that everything can return to normal immediately.

However, if the internet connection problem is still not resolved, it is better to report it to IndiHome through the various channels provided. I’m afraid the device is really damaged because it’s too old to require a replacement which will usually be free as long as it’s not caused by user negligence.

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