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Why does the number of Instagram followers not increase even though there are people who follow?

Gadgetren – The number of Instagram followers is quite important for some people. Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to often be seen trying to always try to improve it.

With a large number of followers, we can indeed get various benefits. For example, it can be easier to get additional income by marketing our own products or doing endorsements.

Unfortunately, sometimes increasing the number of followers is not as easy as we think. In fact, it not only requires special tips and tricks but also there are various kinds of obstacles that can get in the way.

So, it is quite natural that we will be a little confused when the number of Instagram followers does not increase even though there are people who follow. We will at least find out the causes that could make this possible.

If you are one of those who are experiencing it, then you are visiting the right page. We will try to discuss the various reasons why the number of Instagram followers does not increase even though there are people who follow.

Why the Number of Instagram Followers Doesn’t Increase?

Application Bug

The various problems that appear on Instagram are often the result of development bugs. As we know, this social media service owned by Facebook is indeed diligent in updating its applications with new improvements and features.

It’s just that unfortunately, sometimes the updates provided can actually trigger bugs and cause a number of problems. Either it happens because of a writing error or a mismatch of the program code used.

Bugs that appear can make the service run abnormally. This includes causing the number of followers seen in the application not to increase even though there are people who are following.

The only way to solve problems caused by development bugs is to wait for a new version update. Usually there will be a patch or fix aimed at solving it.

Troubled Account

Accounts that are having problems can also be the reason why the number of Instagram followers does not increase even though there are people who follow. For example, being hit by a shadow ban or temporary blocking.

In times of trouble, interactions from accounts will generally be limited. This includes not being able to receive or make comments, upload content, and even get new followers.

If you experience a shadow ban or temporary blocking, then we can only wait until it ends. Only after that various kinds of interactions including adding followers can be done again.

Data Buildup or Cache

  • Go to page Settings
  • Open the menu Apps or App Management
  • Find and open settings for Instagram
  • Go to section Storage
  • Click button Clear Cache or Clear Data according to the needs

Stored data or cache can indeed help applications run more smoothly. Even so, the buildup that occurs sometimes can actually cause a number of problems on the cellphone.

This accumulation of data and cache can also cause the display of the number of followers on the Instagram application to be different from what it should be. We also need to delete it by using the method above as a solution.

But keep in mind that each cellphone has a different appearance depending on the system interface used. We may need to adjust it a bit in order to clear data or cache.

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