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Why does my stomach hurt if I eat an apple?


No doubt fruit is the best ally of our rich and balanced diet. What they don’t tell us so much is that, naturally, not everyone feels the same quantity or quality of food, no matter how healthy they are. Because there are people with certain health circumstances for whom it is not recommended, for example, The applesas if it can be welcome for another type of person.

In it apple casewe say, it is worth starting at the beginning, since it is one of the most basic fruits that we can find in our trusted supermarkets.

Apples come from the fruit of the apple tree, edible, rounded and somewhat sunken at the ends, thin skin, green, yellow or red, white and juicy flesh.

Sometimes it can be sweet, and sometimes sour, and its seeds They are presented in the form of seeds enclosed in a capsule with five divisions.

What people do not have so advised the consumption of apples?

Well, although apples are vital for the development of our body under normal circumstances, especially with regard to digestion, not everyone eats them.

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Find out why not everyone likes apples, and which fruits help with digestion

This is due to its amount of fruitfulwhich as you know, is a sugar that occurs naturally in this fruit, and not everyone is able to receive it in the best possible way.

And it is that fructose, a decisive component of the apple, is not so easy to digest for those who have some type of ailment or problem at the intestinal level.

So if this is your case, and you have some type of problem in your intestinal tract, it is most likely that your dietitian or doctor will not recommend this fruit but others.

Forget the pain of the apple, if you still want to eat it, cooking it in the oven, which is the best way to consume it avoiding any inflammation.

What fruits are beneficial for digestion?

Contrary to what happens with apples, given their fiber intakewe leave you here a list of fruits that can be convenient for you when it comes to digesting them:

  • bananas
  • plums
  • Pear
  • Pineapple
  • Papaya

As you can see, all of them are capable of stimulating your intestinal transitand what is more important: it avoids all the accumulation of gases.

Let’s not forget the kiwi, of course, one of the great aces up the sleeve of a good rich and balanced diet that helps with digestion and constipation.

For its part, although it is also beneficial to digest it well, lemon has a more powerful effect when it comes to cleaning toxins from the body.

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