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Why CapCut Can’t Load Effects? This is the explanation and the solution!

Gadgetren – Editing videos has become very easy these days. You see, now there are many mobile applications that are specifically designed to assist users in doing so.

CapCut is one of them that is often used by many users to edit videos on mobile phones before uploading to TikTok.

Just like video editing in general, this application made by Bytedance also has various features and support that can simplify the content creation process.

Those of us who want to edit videos quickly can of course consider this application. CapCut in particular because it is also equipped with a variety of features that are practical to use which includes effects in it.

By using this CapCut feature, of course, we no longer need to bother making certain effects. We just need to download and paste it into the video to create the desired look.

The problem is, this CapCut feature sometimes doesn’t work as it should. The available effects may not be loaded by the application so they can’t be used to beautify the video.

Why CapCut Application Can’t Load Effects?

When the CapCut application cannot load the desired effect, we will certainly try to find various solutions to overcome it. The first step may be to try to find the reason why this happened.

But don’t worry, we will try to explain it in this article. In general, the problem of CapCut being unable to load effects usually occurs because an inadequate internet connection is one of the causes.

As we know, this video editing application, formerly called Viamaker, requires an internet connection to operate. One of them is required to access the effect pool from the server it owns.

Without a good enough internet connection, the CapCut application will not be able to access the library. As a result, the effects we need will not load properly or may not appear at all.

To solve this problem, we need to fix the internet connection on the cellphone that is being used. There are many ways that can be used, some of which include the following steps.

How to Overcome CapCut Cannot Load Effect

Refresh Internet Connection

Refreshing the internet connection on the cellphone can be the first step when the CapCut application cannot load effects. One of us can do this by enabling airplane mode for a few moments and then turning it off again.

In addition, we can also reload the cellphone which incidentally will also refresh the entire system. Switching places or switching from a cellular connection to WiFi can also be another solution for this.

Reset Network Settings

  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Use the search feature
  3. Search the menu Reset Network settings (the name can be different according to the system interface used)
  4. Select the menu
  5. Click button Reset settings
    Why CapCut Can't Load Effects - 1
  6. Enter password if prompted
  7. Confirm with the appropriate button

Reset network settings on the cellphone can also be done if refreshing the internet connection still fails to solve the problem. Every device has a different way of doing this but it’s more or less like the steps above.

Later you will need to re-enter the network information needed to be able to reconnect, for example, such as a WiFi or VPN password if you use it. Operator networks will usually continue to operate as usual.

App Updates

Apart from the cellphone settings, connection problems can also occur due to bugs from the application itself. We can therefore try to solve this by installing the most recent version which generally offers a variety of fixes.

Don’t forget to install updates via official channels. Avoid using services outside the device’s default app store (other than Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store) or choose a proven safe platform.

In addition to network problems, this problem can’t load effects can also be caused by internal storage that is too full. Therefore, always make sure your cellphone always has enough storage space so that CapCut and other applications can work optimally.

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