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Why can’t the application that is being verified by Play Protect be downloaded?

Gadgetren – The Google Play Protect system is at the forefront of protecting Android phone users from malware attacks which are often packaged as an application.

Even so, the default protection system for Android developed by Google can sometimes experience some problems when used. Instead of helping it can become a new problem when this happens.

One of them includes several applications that are being diversified by Play Protect and then you can’t even download or install them on your device. This problem will certainly be quite troublesome for some people.

Besides having to find out the cause, we also still need to find a way to solve this problem. We can only install the application into the device if we have found a suitable solution.

As for those of you who are curious about why the applications diversified by Play Protect can’t be downloaded, here’s a specific explanation about it as well as some solutions that you can try to overcome them.

Why Applications Can You Download?

Functioning like anti-malware, the Play Protect system will perform daily scans to ensure that the device is safe or that there are no malicious applications installed on the phone.

In addition, this Google-made protection system will even try to protect users before they install applications. Each new product will be sent to the device from the Play Store after undergoing very strict security testing and verification.

The applications that are being verified by Play Protect are therefore not yet available for you to download from the Play Store. This is because it has not been proven whether it is harmful to the user’s device and data or not to ensure security.

This dangerous assumption will usually be based on various aspects. This includes starting from the suitability between the type of access permission requested by the application and its function, violations of Google’s provisions, to the lines of programming code in it.

How to Solve Play Protect Verification Problems

  • Go to the Play Store app
  • Click profile picture Google
  • Open the menu Play Protect
  • Tap the button Play Protect Settings (gear icon) in the top right corner
  • Turn off option Scan app with Play Protect and Improve harmful app detection
    Why Verified By Play Protect Can't Download - Solution

To solve this problem, we actually just need to wait for the verification process to finish. We don’t need to be afraid of not being able to download if the application has been proven safe or comes from a trusted developer.

If you are impatient, on the other hand, you can also try turning off the automatic application security scanner setting, which is the main feature of Play Protect.

But keep in mind that the device will become vulnerable to malware attacks when this feature is turned off so as much as possible don’t turn it off for too long if you have to do it.

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