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Why Can’t Login to Instagram Even though Username and Password are Correct?

Gadgetren – Although it is very easy to enter or register into the Instagram application using a mobile number or email, maybe some users cannot log into their own account.

This has actually become something commonplace which applies to both Android and iOS users. Even though we have correctly entered the username and password when logging into our own Instagram account.

So many users have experienced this incident. The reason we can’t log into our Instagram account can’t be said to be just one factor. We have to look at various other possibilities if it turns out that your username and password are correct.

One of them is the Instagram application is out of date so you have to download a new version on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The Gadgetren team was unable to enter Instagram because at that time they were using a trial application which then caused the Instagram page to turn black when they wanted to log in again.

So that you can also solve the problem of not being able to log into Instagram, the Gadgetren team will share several ways to be able to recover the problem which is summarized from Instagram help center and own experience.

How to Overcome Can’t Log In to Instagram

Pay Attention to Internet Connection

Before going further with a method that is a little bit complicated. It’s a good idea to re-check the internet network connection received by the device, in this case whether the connection is good or not. If it’s not good, then you can re-enter Instagram using a better connection.

Check Instagram App Updates

By checking the Instagram application, you will get the latest version which might solve the problem of not being able to log into your Instagram account. This is because services like Instagram often require the latest version to sync with each other to the server, especially if there are major changes.

Check Application Settings

In the Settings application, go to the Applications menu and look for Instagram in the application list. Then force quit Instagram by pressing the Force Close menu. Next clean Instagram storage space including trash and data.

Don’t forget to re-allow all the features Instagram needs such as camera, files and media, location, and microphone. Next you can reopen Instagram and hopefully the problem is resolved.

Reinstall Instagram App

If you find that you can’t log into your Instagram account with all black backgrounds, then you can try uninstalling it. After that you will try to download Instagram again and then re-enter your username and password as usual.

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