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Which has more sugar, Coca-Cola or Pepsi?


For many, choosing between Coca Cola and Pepsi It’s like choosing between mom and dad. But we must be clear how much sugar have and how both affect our organism.

It is a rivalry that has lasted for decades, that of Coca-Cola and Pepsiwho fight for the reign of being the best cola soda drink From the market.

And the most curious thing about these two great multinationals now so expanded in international trade is that they started almost at the same time.

We must be careful when ingesting these beverages with caffeinesince its consumption should always be in moderation due to its high amount of sugar.


Before getting to know two of the drinks that have changed the lives of many people from the inside, it is best that we offer a bit of historical and social context.

  • It was in 1892 that pharmacist John Pemberton founded the Coca Colawhich at that time had medicinal purposes, since it was used to dissolve ailments of any kind.
  • was born too Pepsi in the late nineteenth century, just one year after its competitor. Pharmacist Celeb Bradham invented it.
  • Both had cola as the main flavor, but their main difference at an organic level is that Pepsi has citric acid and Coca-Cola does not.
  • For the same reason, Pepsi has always had a bit more cola flavor, due to its citrus character, which gives it a little more power than its peer.
  • Coca-Cola, on the other hand, maintains a sensation that is closer to vanilla or raisins, according to. And it contrasts more with the taste of the cola itself.

pepsi coke sugar

What are they wearing?

Both Coca-Cola sodas contain sodium, carbonated water, sugar, phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup, natural flavors and caffeine.

That is something that we can observe in each can or bottle of this soft drink that we consume. Today there are large packs for us to enjoy them.

In the analysis of calorieshighlights how a 330 ml can of Pepsi has 145 calories, while that of Coca-Cola has 139 calories.

Although it is true that the difference is residual, Coca Cola win this battle, although obviously both maintain a very high caloric percentage compared to other foods.

As far as sugar It refers, a can of Pepsi handles 39 grams of sugar, while that of Coca-Cola has 35 grams.

As with calories, the grams of sugar according to the cola we are referring to has less if it is Coca-Cola.

Among the many stories that have made headlines and covers throughout history are how Coca-Cola traveled to space, or how Pepsi was the first product to be sold in the Soviet Union.

How does the sugar in Coca-Cola affect our body?

consumption of Coca Cola It has a negative impact on our body. In the first place, we must emphasize that it will cause considerable weight gain, due to the large amount of sugar and kilocalories ingested that it includes.

Coca Cola
Coca Cola

In addition, another less well-known effect of sugary drinks is that they accelerate the cellular aging of the body, also known as premature aging.

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