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When is IndiHome FUP Reset To Restore Internet Speed?

Gadgetren – To create a fair environment without customers with excessive use, IndiHome applies a fair usage limit or FUP (Fair Usage Policy) for its products.

With different conditions for the packages offered, FUP will protect customers from people who often use the service arbitrarily. Including those who like to download large videos or games.

As we know, the process of downloading files will usually require more bandwidth. So the quality of the internet on the network used can also decrease so that it will affect the comfort of other customers if it is done continuously.

It’s just that on the other hand, we are also obliged to comply with the fair usage limit provisions applied by IndiHome. The speed of internet access because it will be adjusted to be lower when we have exceeded it.

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry because IndiHome will reset the FUP for its products every month. The following are the terms of time for those of you who still don’t know.

When is IndiHome FUP Reset Every Month?

In accordance with the applicable policy, the FUP for each package offered by IndiHome will be reset automatically at the beginning of every month. Usually it will be done exactly on the 1st for all customers.

After the reset, the monthly usage quota of the selected package will change to 0GB. The speed of internet access on the IndiHome network will also be normal again so that every activity you do can run smoothly again.

For those of you who don’t know, each IndiHome internet package itself will experience two speed adjustments. It’s just that each has quite different terms and limits for fair use.

For example, for a 10Mbps internet package, we will get the first FUP of 300GB and the second 350GB. Internet access speed will be reduced successively to 7.5Mbps and 3Mbps thereafter.

Meanwhile, for the 20Mbps internet package, FUP will be charged after usage passes 500GB and 750GB, while the internet access speed after that will be adjusted to 10Mbps and 4Mbps.

In addition to waiting for the reset time, we can actually restore the speed of IndiHome internet access by purchasing an additional Speed ​​On Demand package or using the Renew feature. Both can be a solution if the FUP has been passed even though it is still in the middle of the month.

In order to access the internet more comfortably, we need to be diligent in checking the quota of IndiHome users. In this case, we can do this through the myIndiHome application or the web page directly.

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