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WhatsApp features are being blocked for those of you who suspect it

Gadgetren – The WhatsApp service is also equipped with a special feature that can be used to block someone’s number so that later they will no longer be able to contact us.

this feature can be used very easily even for those of us who are still laymen though. In this case, we only need to enter the conversation of the person we want to block, then tap the contact number or name, then select an option Block in the below section.

That way, that person won’t bother us anymore. They will not be able to contact us either through messages, voice calls or video calls supported by WhatsApp.

But keep in mind that this also applies and vice versa. For various reasons, even people who feel annoyed can block our contact numbers from WhatsApp. So we can no longer connect with them.

Fortunately, identifying whether a WhatsApp number is being blocked or not is quite easy to do. There are several features that can be used to do this.

The characteristics of a blocked WhatsApp account

Cannot See Signs of Last Seen or Online

Basically, the sign “Last seen” or “Online” which shows the last time someone opened WhatsApp will appear on the private conversation page when we open it. Unless previously hidden by the relevant contact via settings.

One of the blocked WhatsApp numbers can be seen from this sign. Because at that time, the “Last seen” or “Online” information from the contact who blocked us will also not appear on the private conversation page.

Blocker Profile Photo Not Updated

The blocked WhatsApp account can also be seen from the profile photo of the blocker. Instead of being updated according to what they’re currently using, the problem image will revert back to default where it only shows the person logo in gray when that happens.

Order Only Check One

We also won’t be able to send WhatsApp messages to the person concerned if the number is being blocked. The message will only tick one although in this case it could also be because they are not connected to a proper internet network.

Call Not Connected

Phone and video calls that we make will also not be connected. When blocked, the status will only stop at “Calling” not like when successfully entering the number being dialed where it changes to “Ringing”.

Blocking contacts cannot be added to groups

Apart from trying to send messages or make calls to related numbers, we can check whether we are being blocked or not by adding them to a certain group. A warning will appear “Couldn’t add” if we are blocked.

Blocker WhatsApp Status Not Appearing

Finally, we won’t be able to peek at the WhatsApp status of the contact who blocked our number. The content they upload to the service will not even appear in our account at all.

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