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What is Twitter Circle? Here’s an Explanation and How to Use It!

Gadgetren – Twitter Circle has finally become available to all users after undergoing trials since May 2022 yesterday and managed to get a very positive response.

With the launch of this new feature which is claimed to be in great demand by Twitter users, from now on we can make tweets more freely. We don’t have to worry about getting a response from people we don’t want.

Support now available for apps Android, iOSas well as page this can certainly be a new way for us to get closer to followers. As for those of you who are still curious about this new feature, you can listen to the following explanation.

What is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle is a feature that allows a person to share a tweet with a limited number of followers. We can think of it like Close friends on the Instagram service.

This feature allows us to set who can view or engage in each tweet. We can also use it to have more intimate conversations and get closer to certain followers.

Unlike Twitter Communities, this feature depends on each of our own choices not based on the topic of discussion. We can also specifically manage followers for Twitter Circle.

How to Use Twitter Circle

Managing Circle

  • Open the Twitter app
  • Tap avatar photo in the top left corner
  • Select the menu Twitter Circle
  • Tap the button Get Started if it’s the first time using it
  • Find the follower you want to add or remove from Circle
  • Use the search feature on the Recommended tab to make it easier
  • Tap the button Add on the followers you want to add
    What is Twitter Circle - 1
  • Tap the button Remove to remove followers from circle

A little information for those of you who don’t know, each user can only create one Twitter Circle per account. Even so, we are fortunately able to add up to 150 selected followers to it.

After completing the Twitter Circle list, we can also select it when we will share the tweets that we created. As for in more detail you can listen to the steps to do this.

Creating Tweets For Twitter Circle

  • Tap the button Add (ikon Plus)
  • Select Tweet, Gifor Photos
  • Create tweets as you wish
  • Change options Public the Twitter Circle
    What is Twitter Circle - 2
  • Share tweets by tapping the button Tweet

All content shared with Twitter Circle will only be visible to the people we choose. In addition, tweets will not be able to be re-shared using Retweet although later they can still be downloaded or screenshots.

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