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What is Spin Maze that Appears Suddenly and How to Remove It

Gadgetren – Lately, many mobile phone users are busy discussing an application that is indicated as dangerous by the name Spin Maze.

Maybe some people think Spin Maze is a game that tests users to play a maze. But in fact Spin Maze reported to be an application containing malware.

For more details, Spin Maze is an application in which it provides a variety of applications or games to be downloaded to a mobile phone. You could say this application is similar to the Google Play Store.

When the application is run, the system will provide remote configuration to the Spin Maze developer so that it is very dangerous for the cellphone if it is misused for crime.

Because Spin Maze is not an official application from Google or mobile phone vendors, of course you have to be very careful.

Based on information obtained from cyberspace, the average cellphone from OPPO and vivo with older operating systems that still use the Touchpal Keyboard, many Spin Maze applications are attacked.

The most annoying thing again, Spin Maze will download suddenly and appear on the Home Screen. You also shouldn’t open it because we don’t know what bad effects will happen after this application is active. Unfortunately again the Spin Maze application cannot be removed in the usual way.

How to Remove Spin Maze

Stopping TouchPal Keyboard

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO or vivo phones
  • Select the menu Apps or Apps Management
  • Search apps TouchPal
  • Do Force Stop on this app at once Clear Data

Replace with GBoard or Google Keyboard

  • Download GBoard from Google Play Store
  • After GBoard is installed, then go to the application Settings
  • Select the menu Additional Settings or Language & Input depending on the phone series
  • Select Keyboard and Input Method
  • In the Current keyboard section, change TouchPal jadi Gboard
  • Back to Home Screen
  • Press and hold Spin Maze until a sign appears x
  • Press sign x so that Spin Maze disappears
  • Next, restart the phone

For some people, this method is quite successful in eliminating Spin Maze on OPPO and Vivo cellphones with older operating systems. While the new generation of OPPO or vivo devices fortunately no longer uses the TouchPal keyboard because they have developed their own keyboards or have entrusted them to GBoard.

As explained earlier, I want to remind you not to voluntarily download the Spin Maze application to your cellphone even if you are curious.

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