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What is Smartfren Local Quota? Here’s How to Claim and Use It

Gadgetren – To compete with other operators in Indonesia, Smartfren has presented a variety of attractive packages and services for its users.

Even when buying a package at Smartfren, you can find that there are several quota bonuses that can be used starting from Local Quota, Social Media Quota, Night Quota, to Chat Quota.

Of course, all of these quotas can be useful depending on their individual needs. However, Local Quota is one of the bonuses that might make you curious.

You can usually get Local Quota when you buy the Gokil Max package. However, it is also possible that Smartfren will give it as a special bonus or in other packages later.

Local Quota For What?

Smartfren Local Quota is a distribution of quota types that can only be used in the same location as the area or zone determined by Smartfren.

You can also use Local Quota in areas or zones where the data plan is activated by the user. For example, if you activate the Smartfren package in Bogor, the local quota can only be used in the Bogor area and will not be active when you are outside the city.

The Local Quota itself supports all networks from Smartfren and will automatically be used before the Main Quota. You can also use Local Quota to access the internet, open applications, stream videos or songs, video conferences, and more.

Local Quota has an active period that follows the purchased Smartfren package and related packages, it’s just that the usage area is limited compared to other types. However, if you get it as a bonus given by Smartfren, it will usually have its own active period.

How to Claim Local Quota

Through the MySmartfren Application

  • Open the app MySmartfren.
  • Login with smartphone number.
  • On the main page, select Notifications Come on, claim your Local[Area or Zone]Quota. [AreaatauZona)Kamu
  • You will be redirected to Claim Now page.
  • Press the button Take it Now at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next you will be redirected to the page Successful Claim.

If you return to the application’s main page, you will immediately see that the Local Quota is active. Meanwhile, you can download the MySmartfren application via Google Play Store or Apple App Store according to the device used.

If you have installed the application, Smartfren will sometimes suddenly display a Local Quota claim notification after you buy a package so you don’t have to bother entering various menus.

The MySmartfren application also provides several payment methods such as Credit, DANA, OVO, Shopee Pay, GoPay, LinkAja, and Simobi Plus balances to make it easier to buy a data package because besides there are many to choose from, it will also be more practical.

Via USSD Phone Codes

  • Open the app Phone or Telephone.
  • Type code *123*789#.
  • Press SIM 1 or SIM 2 depending on the location of the SIM is located.
  • Select the menu Top Up Kuota.
  • Select Data Package want to buy.
  • After that, confirm the purchase.

If the payment step is successful, then you will get an SMS notification regarding the package which also contains information about the amount of quota obtained, both Main Quota, Extra Quota, and Local Quota.

For sure, the Local Quota will be immediately active when you buy a package via USSD Phone Code. However, Smartfren itself decides whether you can get Local Quota or not.

How to Use Local Quota

After you have successfully claimed it, the remaining Local Quota will appear on the main page of the MySmartfren application and will automatically be prioritized when accessing the internet compared to the Main Quota. That way, you don’t need to make any additional settings at all.

However, when entering certain hours, such as 01.00 to 05.00 WIB, the Night Quota will be prioritized to be used compared to the Local Quota. After passing this time, the Local Quota will be used again.

When the Local Quota runs out, of course it will be immediately replaced by using the Main Quota. So make sure your zone or region is in accordance with when buying a package because the Local Quota cannot be used when you are in another area.

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