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What is Profile Grid on Instagram? Can To Beautify Your Account You Know

Gadgetren – Part of the Meta subsidiary, Instagram has many interesting features that can be explored by its users.

On Instagram you can not only upload photos or videos in the Feed menu, but also through Instagram Stories and Reels.

Within the menu, Instagram provides a variety of editing tools and effects that can help creators create content more easily. All these uploads can also be arranged in the appearance of your Instagram profile which includes the Profile Grid or profile grid.

Through the Profile Grid, photos and videos that have been uploaded will be published so that friends or other people can see it if your profile is made public. So what exactly is the Profile Grid on Instagram?

What is a Grid Profile?

Profile Grid is a layout or collage of uploaded photos, Reels, and videos into a collection of galleries that are displayed through our profile page on Instagram.

Profile Grid in short can be called a profile grid which allows us to manage all uploads including deleting them or being archived. You can even choose whether or not the Reels will appear on the Profile Grid.

Instagram Timeline

We can set the settings for whether or not each upload will appear on the Profile Grid by selecting one of the contents and tapping the three-dot icon. Meanwhile, if you don’t display Reels content, you can choose the remove from grid profile menu.

Reels that are missing from the Profile Grid will later still appear in the Reels menu tab for viewing. However, if at any time we change our minds and want to bring Reels to the Grid Profile, unfortunately that can’t be done anymore.

This is because Instagram itself has lowered the Add to profile grid feature. According to my observations, there is a way to restore Reels to the Grid Profile, one of which is by downloading the older version of the Instagram application which still provides the feature. Add to profil grid.

The Grid profile also has another feature called Grid Pinning or pinning posts that are considered important to continue to be shown to followers or visitors. The Grid Pinning feature will be very useful for creators to promote their products or activities.

Grid Pinning can be found on each upload on the Grid Profile by tapping the three-dot icon and selecting the pin to your profile menu. After that the content will appear at the very top of the Profile Grid so that your followers or visitors will not be difficult to find and see the best uploads.

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