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What is Palm Swipe to Capture and How to Enable It

Gadgetren – To reduce the use of the Power + Volume Down button combination to take screenshots on Samsung phones, you can use screen gestures that are easier and faster.

Many Android-based cellphones use the 3-finger gesture to take screenshots, but Samsung provides the Palm Swipe to Capture feature to do this.

Palm Swipe to Capture is a gesture made by Samsung that allows users to take screenshots by sweeping the screen from left to right or vice versa with their palms together like a knife.

You could say this one feature can quickly take screenshots on the cellphone. Please note that Palm Swipe to Capture is automatically activated on today’s cellphones since they are turned on for the first time.

But on some old Samsung phones that just got a new operating system update, sometimes Palm Swipe to Capture is still off. To activate this feature, you can immediately see the steps as follows.

How to Enable and Use Palm Swipe to Capture

  • Open the app Settings on Samsung phones
  • Select the menu Advaced features
  • Next, select the option Motions and gestures
  • Press the toggle button Palm swipe to capture to the active position
    Samsung - Palm Swipe to Capture
  • Next, you can search for the area that you want to capture the screen
  • After the area is selected, sweep the screen from left to right or vice versa with your palms together
  • After the screen flashes and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot has been successfully taken
  • You can see screenshots through the application Gallery or File Manager

The Palm Swipe to Capture feature is fairly easy to use even for ordinary users. The use of gestures can also reduce the use of the Power and Volume Down buttons.

We all know that the Power button is very vital because it is used to turn on and off the cellphone. If the Power button is damaged, it will certainly be a hassle while the Volume Down button is also useful for quickly turning down the volume.

For this reason, you should not interact with the two buttons too often to keep them in prime condition.

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