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What is Explore Instagram and why does it change its appearance?

Gadgetren – Several times a number of users have complained that the contents on the Explore Instagram page have suddenly changed and display inappropriate images or videos.

They admitted that these contents suddenly appeared even though they were not interacting with related search accounts or keywords. The images and videos are often not recommended for them.

This change in content finally raises a number of questions for some of us. This includes what Explore Instagram actually looks like and why did it suddenly change.

What is Explore Instagram?

For those of you who don’t know, Explore is one of the features designed by Instagram so that we can more easily find various kinds of content that we are interested in.

Through a special tab, this feature will display images and videos that are specially arranged to fit us. Usually the content that appears in Explore will be based on searches, followed accounts, or interactions.

For example, Explore Instagram will display content about food if we often search for culinary pictures or videos. You can also display information about new devices if you follow many technology accounts.

That way, we can more easily find content that we think is interesting from various accounts even though we haven’t followed it. We in this case can even do without the need to use the search feature.

Because it is designed to always suit us, the content on the Explore Instagram page will always change. Some of the factors that can influence it are as follows.

Why Can Change?

Change of Interest

As explained above, Explore Instagram will be tailored to our interests. If our interests change, the content displayed on the page will follow suit.

Activity while using Instagram services will affect this. For example, we will find various kinds of content about photography if we often watch Reels, Photos, or Videos related to the camera.

Interactions such as commenting, liking or sharing content are also factors to be considered. So the changes can affect the type of impressions on the Explore page.

Keep in mind that activities that can affect Explore will not only be based on when we use the Instagram application. Accounts from these services can also be integrated with Facebook.

Our activities when using the Facebook application can therefore also be a factor that affects changes in the appearance of the Explore Instagram page. Moreover, this service now also supports the viewing of Reels content which may be watched repeatedly without realizing it.

Development Bugs

However, if you haven’t felt that our interest has changed as described above or it happened suddenly, then the problem of changing Explore Instagram may occur due to a bug. Some users may have encountered it some time ago.

Improving features and algorithms is indeed one of the things that is often done when developing services. It’s just that unfortunately sometimes it can cause bugs if it’s still not perfect.

Changes in the appearance of Explore Instagram can also be affected by this. The good news is, it usually heals on its own or we just need to update the app to the latest version of Google Play Store nor Apple Apps Store.

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