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What is creatine and what is it for in physical exercise?


Many people don’t know but creatine It is a chemical that is found naturally in the human body. It is also usually found in red meat Y seafood, so we can normally have a contribution of this supplement through these foods. Creatine is used to improve exercise performance and muscle mass. Do you know what it is due to? In this article we are going to tell you not only what it is, but to what extent it collaborates with our body.

Usually, creatine often participate in the process of Energy production that goes to the muscles. In fact, 95% is found in skeletal muscle.

People who usually do physical exerciseIn addition to eating a rich and balanced diet and maintaining consistency and discipline, they take care of themselves using creatine.

And it is that training performance is improved, and above all muscle mass is increased, for all those who have set a goal and want to meet it.

Can creatine be used for other things than physical exercise?

The truth is that although athletes normally use it, to take it as if it were a combination and, as we say, win muscular tonethere are other ways to use creatine.

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Find out what creatine is, and why many people consume it for their muscle health

Such as muscle cramps, that is, those physical problems that are natural, and that have as Home remedy Rest.

But creatine is also often used to relieve fatigue, those symptoms of inevitable tiredness that exercise gives, or for multiple sclerosis.

Depression and other types of diseases can also be treated with the use of creatine, but we must always take it in these contexts under medical prescription.

Creatine has great possibilities of efficacy to gain certain athletic performance, especially in three essential sports:

While in other practices such as athletics, cycling, swimming or tennis, its effect is not entirely clear. If we take creatine daily they can increase muscle strength.

Is creatine safe?

Creatine is safe for most people to take orally, but it is safer when taken long-term. Side effects can bring dehydration, discomfort and cramps.

Regarding the skin, pregnancy and lactation, there is not enough information about whether it is safe to take it in these cases, so it is better not to do it if a doctor does not allow it.

It is not healthy otherwise creatine for the Bipolar disorder and the kidney disease, so you should not consume it in those cases. The same happens with Parkinson’s disease, where caffeine and creatine can worsen your symptoms, so do not take it without medical approval.

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