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What if I eat raw vegetables? Health benefits and contraindications


There is no doubt that vegetables are the fundamental food for a good healthy and balanced diet. But there are many ways to eat this product that has many positive effects on the health of our body.

Vegetables have a large amount of water in their composition, as well as fiber, vitamins, nutrients and other compounds that make them ideal for anyone who wants to eat rich and healthy throughout their lives.

But, as we have said before, there is no single way to eat vegetables. But we can make them in many different ways to achieve originality in our dishes.

Many people consume raw vegetables, so they do not need any cooking process to enjoy its benefits. Of course, do not think that they will all be equally positive when eaten raw.

And it is that one of the most important things that we have to take into account is that there are vegetables that increase their benefits when consumed raw, while others improve their properties if they are steamed.

Vegetables from the cruciferous family have more benefits when eaten raw

And it is that, although it is true that any vegetable we can eat it raw without any problem, the truth is that there are some that increase their properties if we know them.

Cauliflower has many nutrients if we eat it raw
Cauliflower has many nutrients if we eat it raw

In this sense, to have this a little clearer, we are going to name some of the vegetables that will bring us more benefits if we eat them raw:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Peppers
  • Onion

These are some of the vegetables that can be eaten raw and we will take better advantage of its benefits. And it is that in these cases, the vitamins and nutrients of these foods tend to reduce their quality if we cook them.

As we can read in the newspaper The country: «Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage They can be eaten raw. The first contains three times more sulforaphane, a substance that has been linked to some protection against cancer and is also found in Brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnip greens and cauliflower.

In addition, in the case of the onion, we will also be able to better absorb its nutrients and vitamins if we eat it raw. Since in the cooking process it can lose its antioxidant properties. Which is very beneficial for blood pressure control and cardiovascular health.

Contraindications to eating raw vegetables

Although it is true that, as we have mentioned before, there are certain vegetables that will bring us a lot of benefits if we eat them raw. We are also going to find some dangerous contraindications for the consumption of raw vegetables on a regular basis.

Thus, on some occasions, and especially if we have digestive problems, the raw vegetables can cause problems in the digestive system. Since, according to experts, our stomach will not be able to digest the compounds of these foods so easily.

In addition, there are also some vegetables that when cooked gain antioxidants and enhance their benefits for the health of the body.

For example, tomatoes are one of the ones that we are going to take advantage of their benefits the most if we cook them. And it is that the experts assure that when cooking this vegetable, we are releasing the nutrients that it contains.

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