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What if I eat raw meat?


Eat meat is one of the most common habits we have in Spain at the level of feeding. The truth is that there is something for all tastes, and tastes, there are infinite. Hence, it is an essential task to know if we like it more done, well done or little done. And, above all, if it is healthy to eat it directly raw. if we eat fish raw as the sushiis it healthy to also eat the raw meat?

On many occasions, we eat meat without looking at what we eat, no matter how strange it may seem. And we go forward without knowing if it is harmful to eat this or that.

It should not be, that, for a mere matter of Health. We must collaborate when it comes to complying with a rich and balanced diet that contains all the necessary nutrients.

And one of the big legs of that food pyramid is the consumption of meat, which is not always as healthy as we are told.

We speak, and it is important that this is recorded from the beginning, of an exaggerated consumption of this type of food. Just like eating so much fish isn’t. Everything must be balanced.

Is it healthy to eat raw meat?

But let’s go to the main question: raw meat, yes or no? Well, the truth is that no, we should not take meat as natural, due to issues that concern our health.

raw meat food organism body stomach protein salt
We resolve the question of whether it is healthy to eat raw meat and we argue it to you as it is a key food for our health

What is this circumstance due to? Because the surface of the meat is colonized by pathogens, normally, salmonella, which affects meat of avian origin. And there is also:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Campylobacter
  • Listeria monocytogenes

In case they don’t sound familiar to you, these are other types of substances that can affect not only our intestinal transit, but can also cause a long-term stomach problem.

The importance of freezing meat is vital, and here we tell you why. If you leave meat at room temperature, bacteria grow faster.

So you must kill those substances at a temperature of less than 5 degrees. When you cook them, by the way, those bacteriological risks will also disappear.

What raw meat can be the most dangerous for our body?

As with sushi and other types of raw fish, with meat you have to be more careful with some foods in particular than others.

The Center for Science in America’s Public Interest (CSPI) defines that the most dangerous meats that can affect the body are minced meat and chicken meat

This is because both meats are exposed to poisoning caused by Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria, so it is easily transferred from poultry to other surfaces.

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