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What happens if I eat yogurt that has been expired for a month?


The yogurt It’s one of the food that are consumed the most around the world. And it is that in addition to its flavor, which we can combine with many other ingredients, it has benefits for our body which is worth taking advantage of. But what happens when it has expired?

This is one of the questions that we can ask ourselves the most throughout our lives. And it is that without a doubt there are some yogurts that we buy that take a long time to eat them, they can even end up expiring and we have not consumed them.

In these cases, the most common question is: what will happen if the Date of Expiry It has happened but we want to eat that yogurt?.

Experts say that it is totally fit for consumption. Since it should be noted that the date that comes on the label is preferential consumption and not expiration. So it means that after that date it is not recommended to take it, despite the fact that it does not entail any danger to health.

How can we know if a yogurt is fit for consumption?

Without a doubt, yogurts are the most versatile food that we can have in our fridge. And it is that we can eat it both at breakfast time, and at lunch, snack or dinner.

What happens if I eat expired plain yogurt?
What happens if I eat expired plain yogurt?

For this reason, if it has been in our fridge for a long time and we can still eat it, it is a shame that we discard it. So the best thing is to know if really, despite passing the Date of Expiry we can consume it.

In this sense, as we have mentioned before, the specialists assure that despite the fact that a month has passed since the expiration date indicated on the label, we can eat that yogurt.

However, as we can read on the website of Beatriz Robles, food technologist, dietitian-nutritionist and disseminator: “Despite the fact that yogurt is a very acidic food, which in principle should not have safety problems once it has passed that date, there are factors that can reduce that duration ».

“For example, that other ingredients are added. The industry takes it into account when establishing that date, “adds Robles.

For this reason, it is obvious to think that if we have a plain yogurt without more ingredients than powdered milk we can eat it with greater security past the expiration date or preferential consumption.

If, on the other hand, it is a yogurt with other ingredients and additives in its composition, we should think twice before consuming it. Since these can damage our health if we eat them in poor condition.

What foods cannot be consumed once the expiration date has passed?

In this case, the OCU affirms that there are highly perishable foods which, unlike yogurt, is not so safe to consume once the expiration date has passed. So the safest thing for health is to avoid consumption and discard them.

Thus, this occurs with sliced ​​bread, pasta, rice, legumes, sauces and soups, sausages and packaged cheeses, chips and nuts.

And it is that the expiration date is indicated in highly perishable foods. That is to say, those that in a short time are going to lose their properties and begin to be dangerous for our health.

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