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What does the complete TikTok package mean that often appears in comments and videos? Here’s the Explanation

The Gadget – Short video service TikTok it always presents interesting content created directly by its users from various circles.

Starting from comedy themes, tutorials, tips and tricks, horror, mystery, dance, education, games, music, cooking, and many more you can find on TikTok.

Besides that, trends will always change, so we have to be able to follow the latest content so we don’t miss making videos. Every day on TikTok there will always be new videos and you can participate in creating video content, starting from the themes you like first to trending videos that are currently scattered on the For You page.

Now, even on TikTok, there are lots of slang ‘languages’ or terms made up by the users themselves so that they go viral and become the common language used in the short video service. This includes the abbreviation FYP, which means for you page, which refers to the For You page.

The term FYP is also often used as a quote in hashtag descriptions or hashtags when users upload their short videos so that they enter the For You page and can be seen by many people so that the videos may be followed by other users.

In addition to FYP, there is also a term that is circulating on TikTok, namely Paket Lengkap. Maybe if we rarely open the TikTok application, we don’t know what the Complete Package is so it will raise questions.

What is the Complete Package on TikTok?

Complete Package is the language used to describe something in a perfect category. Complete Package itself is usually used by TikTok users in their uploads or when commenting on certain videos.

The term can also refer to any object. For example, if it refers to humans, usually the Complete Package is mentioned to comment on a woman who has everything such as being beautiful, able to cook, smart, able to sing, pious, and so on so that she looks perfect.

Likewise, the Complete Package can also refer to men who are also physically perfect, smart, accomplished, have good careers, pious, and others. Then the Complete Package is also often embedded in captions or comments when something like food is classified as delicious, cheap, large portions, delicious, and so on.

Meanwhile in terms of gadgets, the Complete Package can show cellphones or certain products that have perfect specifications both in terms of the camera that can take good photos and videos and can also be used for beauty products.

All products that are on TikTok or explained someone can take the term Complete Package depending on the context of each. While this is indeed considered perfect by users and video viewers on TikTok.

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