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What Does Monetary Telkomsel Mean? This is what it means and how to use it

Gadgetren – Even though they are known for their expensive products, Telkomsel operators often offer various kinds of additional benefits to loyal customers who use their services.

One of them is a monetary balance or monetary balance. Although it may sound foreign to some people, this additional benefit is quite tempting because it often makes us a little more economical when using Telkomsel services.

Unfortunately, Telkomsel itself doesn’t disclose much information about monetary balances to customers. In fact, it can be confusing because only a few cellular operators in Indonesia apply the same additional bonus concept.

The meaning of Monetary Telkomsel

Monetary Telkomsel is a balance that is similar to main credit which will usually be given by operators with the diamond logo with the letter T as cashback or discount vouchers.

However, unlike the main pulse, the use of monetary balance can only be done on a limited basis. At first, we could only use this credit balance to send SMS (Short Message Service) or make phone calls to fellow Telkomsel subscribers.

The good news is that Telkomsel is now also using the monetary balance as a form of discounted vouchers. So customers can use it to get certain internet packages at a lower cost.

Keep in mind that only selected customers can get monetary balance balances either as cashback or discounted vouchers. We will generally get notifications in the form of SMS if we have the opportunity to get them.

How to Use Telkomsel Monetary

The balance in the monetary balance can actually be used as the main credit. When it’s still available, phone calls and SMS messages that we send to fellow Telkomsel subscribers will immediately consume it.

SMS and telephone costs will be calculated according to the standard tariff of the service used. So the possibility can be different for each Telkomsel card, even though now it has been reduced to one.

Especially for discounted vouchers, we must also have main credit at least the price of the package to be purchased. Monetary balance only applies to purchases of products with a tag greater than the available balance.

The discounted voucher given in the form of a monetary balance is also only valid for purchasing packages in the Internet category according to the promo SMS received. Even that must be done through the MyTelkomsel application.

Purchasing packages that support discounted vouchers will automatically use the monetary balance. Even though the product payment is not displayed, the balance will be used immediately and the credit will be deducted for the amount of the shortfall.

Monetary balance balances generally have their own validity periods. Even for vouchers, they are usually only available for 3 days after we receive the related promo notification SMS. We therefore sometimes need to check it periodically.

How to Check Telkomsel Monetary Balance and Validity Period

  • Install the MyTelkomsel application if you don’t have it yet.
  • Login with your Telkomsel number.
  • Verify according to the instructions provided.
  • On the main page, click Usage Details in section Your Quota.
  • Open tabs Monetary.
    Telkomsel Monetary

The MyTelkomsel application is available both for device use Android nor iOS. We can also download it to get various kinds of convenience in using Telkomsel services.

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