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What Can AXIS’ Genflix Quota Be Used For? Here’s the answer!

Gadgetren – Apart from the main quota which can be used more freely, AXIS also has several other types of quota which generally can only be used when the terms and conditions are met.

One of them, this cellular operator that operates under the auspices of XL Axiata has Genflix Quota which is also distributed through a number of their data packages. This type of quota also has special conditions for its users.

To use the quota from AXIS, we really don’t need to make any arrangements. But if you can’t use it, you can listen to a more complete summary as follows.

What Can AXIS Genflix Quota Be Used For?

For those of you who don’t know, the Genflix quota is one of the application quotas from AXIS. We can therefore only use it to access certain services which in this case is Genflix specifically.

Genflix itself is a video streaming platform made in Indonesia that provides live broadcast channels as well as video-on-demand. We can access it through the website as well as applications that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store.

Through this video streaming platform, we can enjoy a variety of entertainment. In it, there are various kinds of shows, such as broadcasts of sports matches, films, television series, anime, to dramas from a number of countries including Indonesia.

So simply put, Genflix Quota can only be used to access the video streaming platform service that is OrangeTV’s sister. In particular, we can only use it through their application.

AXIS even emphasized that this quota cannot be used to visit links or open advertisements from other sites. We can’t even use it to download or update the Genflix application.

The good news is that the AXIS Genflix quota does not apply a time and place sharing system. We can use it to enjoy various kinds of entertainment from the Genflix application anytime and anywhere as long as the remaining quota is sufficient.

This type of application quota can also be used on all AXIS networks. As long as the cellphone is connected to the 2G to 4G network belonging to this purple operator, we can also watch our favorite broadcasts.

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