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What are TikTok Series? New Features For Content Creators Earn Money

Gadgetren – In March 2023, the short video service TikTok presents a new feature that allows content creators to earn additional money apart from the TikTok Shop, Live coins, and the Creator Fund.

In an official statement via the TikTok blog site, features TikTok Series can be used by content creators for paid premium videos so that followers who want to watch the content must buy access by paying a fee.

Payments for accessing premium videos on the TikTok Series are known as Paywalls. The nominal fee that is released from each TikTok Series video content will later be regulated by content creators who meet the criteria for using the feature.

Every content creator who gets access to this feature can choose the price for the Tiktok Series according to the value of the video content that has been made. Later the TikTok Series content can be accessed via a link or link in the video or via the profile page.

How Do TikTok Series Work?

Content creators who get this feature will be able to create a TikTok Series of up to 80 videos, each of which can be up to 20 minutes long. So the TikTok Series is also a new way for content creators to upload videos with a longer duration.

However, TikTok said that content creators who can use the TikTok Series feature must always follow and comply with their Community Guidelines for the TikTok ecosystem.

Regarding availability, currently the TikTok Series feature is available only for selected content creators in the United States. In the next few months the TikTok Series feature will be expanded to more content creators around the world including Indonesia.

Because the TikTok Series feature is still relatively new, TikTok will continue to listen to input from users or the community. Categories that can be included as the TikTok Series include short films, experiences, and cooking tutorials.

In line with the presence of the TikTok Series, if we look at other competitors such as SnackVideo, they have already released a similar feature called SnackSeries in 2021 which allows content creators to filmmakers to create a series of short series.

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