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Troubled? Here’s how to check whether XL is having trouble or not today

Gadgetren – XL Axiata operator has a variety of products ranging from internet, telephone, and SMS services which we can consider according to activities and daily needs.

This operator can therefore be an alternative when we want to use a cellular number on a cellphone. Moreover, the network it offers is quite extensive and continues to grow from time to time.

Even so, using the services of XL does not mean that you will be free from various kinds of obstacles. Sometimes we can still experience the same problems as cellular operators in general.

Disturbances that appear in XL services can also vary. Starting from the speed decreases, cannot connect to the internet network, to the signal is completely lost, including some examples of these cases.

Checking whether the XL network is experiencing interference or not today is fortunately quite easy to do. There are several methods that we can try, including the following.

How to check whether XL Axiata is having trouble or not

Using the Downdetector Site

  • Open browser
  • Visit page
  • Check the graph in the section Reported XL outages in the last 24 hours
  • Tap a specific point on the graph to view specific data

Downdetector is a site developed by Ookla. As the name suggests, we can use this page to see interference from various services including XL’s network as explained above.

In simple terms, this site will collect various kinds of nuisance reports from users. After that, it will compare it with normal conditions and then display the data for the last 24 hours.

Watching Popular News Channels

In addition to using the Downdetector service, we can also find out whether XL is being disrupted or not today by listening to various popular news channels. But make sure to choose media that is really trusted.

Because it is one of the major cellular operators in Indonesia, various kinds of information about XL will certainly be covered by popular media. Especially when it comes to disturbances that occur en masse.

Contacting myXL Care Service

  • Go to Facebook or Twitter
  • Login with the account you have
  • Visit account myXL Care or @myXLCare
  • Access private message feature
  • Write complaints and questions about the disturbance
  • Send then wait for a response from myXL Care

To get a faster response, you can also contact myXL Care service by telephone to the number 817 for XL or users +622157959817 if using another operator.

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