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This is the unknown superfood that prevents skin aging


The world is full of incredible superfoods with great benefits in the lives of human beings. Although, despite globalization, there is a great lack of knowledge about those foods, plants or animals from other territories, countries or continents.

This time it’s time to talk about sea buckthorn, also known as ‘Hippophae Rhamnoides‘. Specifically, it is a bush with thorny branches and yellowish fruits or berries.

Thus, an essential oil is obtained from it, considered a superfood due to its antioxidant properties and nutrients of great value for the organism. Likewise, it is also used in cosmetic products for its great benefits for the skin.

Properties and benefits as a superfood

The oil obtained from sea ​​buckthorn Contains great health benefits. Similarly, the fruit itself can be eaten directly in a natural way, providing a large amount of healthy nutrients to the body.

sea ​​buckthorn superfood
sea ​​buckthorn superfood

Among other things, this superfood contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps protect against colds, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and keep cholesterol levels at bay.

It also contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and beta carotene. Thus, sea buckthorn both in its fruit and in the form of oil stands out for its great benefits for the skinhelping to prevent premature aging.

Great benefits for the skin

The oil that emerges from this superfood It is especially indicated for the health of the skin. Among other things, it helps retain moisture and repairs epithelial cells. In addition, it increases elasticity and softness.

sea ​​buckthorn superfood
sea ​​buckthorn superfood

Likewise, the application of sea buckthorn oil helps reduce the small and dreaded lines of expression or helps that usually appear on the skin of the face due to aging. This is mainly due to its high content of palmitoleic fatty acid.

In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory effect for the skin, so it is indicated to treat different health conditions such as psoriasis or dermatitis. The characteristics of this superfood allow it to act as a magnificent natural anti-inflammatory.

In reference to its benefits for the skin, it also has a moisturizing character. But not only on the skin, but also moisturizes the mucous membranes of the body and offers favorable effects against different pathologies.

Because of his nutritional compositionsea buckthorn and the oil that is made from it, has considerable benefits for cardiovascular health, helps strengthen the immune system and contributes to losing weight or keeping fit.

Similarly, it is also a superfood ideal for cardiovascular health because it helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Finally, sea buckthorn also offers favorable effects for the liver and is indicated as a treatment for anemia and other associated pathologies.

Thus, due to its properties, the sea ​​buckthorn it can be consumed directly as a natural fruit; but its oil is also used as an ingredient in cosmetic products, capsules, medicines and even perfumes.

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