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This is the superfood that protects the heart and improves wound healing


Wild blueberries are small red or dark blue berries with great health properties for the body. They are integrated within the so-called red fruits and are considered a superfood for their nutritional value.

Various health benefits are attributed to these small foods from the forest, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseasesrevitalize memory, prevent and stop urine infections, contribute to the better functioning of the immune system, improve eye health or help lose weight.

All this is based on its nutritional properties as a superfood. They are rich in antioxidantsThey contain tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C or minerals such as magnesium.

Superfood for wound healing

A new research paper has discovered an interesting new virtue of wild blueberriesas it can help improve wound healing. This is a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Physiological Society (APS) in the framework of Experimental Biology 2022.

Superfood that helps wound healing
Superfood that helps wound healing

Specifically, the results of this analysis show that treating wounds with wild blueberry extract can improve wound healing. This is something that could reinforce its character as a superfood, also with medicinal applications.

There are some wounds classified as chronic wounds and that can be classified as non-healing. These may be sores related to diabetes and pressure ulcers that can accompany these conditions.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that the vascularization (development of nutrient-rich blood vessels) is key to healing these wounds. And this is where a superfood like blueberries can play a relevant role.

Role in wound healing

A group of researchers from the University of Maine (United States) previously discovered that a phenolic extract of wild blueberries improves vascularization and cellular migraine in human umbilical cord cells.

Although, this new research work has been directed by Dorothy Klimis-Zacas. The researchers looked at the effects of phenolic extract of this superfood on living wounds. In this sense, it is acceptable to clarify that phenols are found naturally in some foods and that they work with antioxidant capacity to prevent or reverse some forms of cell damage.

Based on this, the researchers treated a group of rats with a topical gel containing a phenolic extract of wild blueberries. In addition, another group of animals was treated with a gel that did not contain an extract of this superfood.

Thus, an improvement was observed in the endothelial cell migration to the wound site and a 12% increase in wound closure in those mice treated with wild blueberry extract.

In conclusion, the first author of this research, Tolu Esther Adekeye, explains that “wild blueberries have the potential to improve cell migration, the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and vascularization and to accelerate wound closure. This is especially important in conditions that require better wound closure in patients with chronic wounds, such as diabetic wounds, burns and pressure ulcers.”

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