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This is the reason why WhatsApp photos are not saved in the cellphone gallery

Gadgetren – WhatsApp has become one of the chat applications used by many people in various countries, including Indonesia.

WhatsApp allows the chat process to send photos, videos, and documents in real time in chat rooms with other people or groups.

You can even monitor the status of chat recipients whether they are online, replying to messages, or inactive. Although there are many interesting features to use, there are times when photos received in the chat room of the application can’t be saved directly to the cellphone gallery.

If you experience this, don’t panic first because you can see the following reasons and solutions.

Reasons Why WhatsApp Photos Are Not Saved in Gallery

1. Auto Save Disabled

Sometimes to save internal storage capacity so that it doesn’t fill up quickly, the Auto Save feature of the WhatsApp application is turned off so that photos received on WhatsApp will not be saved directly.

That way, you should reactivate the Auto Save feature on WhatsApp which can be found in the Chat settings so that photos uploaded in the chat room can also be seen in the cellphone gallery.

2. Day and Date Do Not Match Real Time

Sometimes some users do not set the day and date in the mobile system according to the real time at that time. This makes it difficult for the WhatsApp server to sync due to the time difference.

This of course causes photos that appear in WhatsApp chat rooms cannot be downloaded or stored in the Gallery. For this reason, make sure that the day and date on the device are appropriate and correct for the region you are in.

3. Slow Internet Connection

WhatsApp is a chat application that requires an internet connection. If you are in a location with an unstable or slow network, then most likely the photos cannot be saved directly.

We recommend that you look for a location that has a stable and fast internet connection so you can download and save photos on WhatsApp.

4. Almost Full Storage Capacity

When the storage capacity on the cellphone is almost full, the system will automatically reject the request to save photos from WhatsApp. This is done by the system to prevent a hang or freeze on the device when the storage is completely full.

Even a mobile phone storage capacity that is almost full can also cause some applications to not run smoothly or Force Close. You should also clean or delete some unnecessary files so that the cellphone can run smoothly again.

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