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This is the reason why the Shopee Affiliate Commission can be lost to 0 Rupiah

Gadgetren – There are various ways to have additional income at Shoppee, one of which is through the Shopee Affiliate program.

This program that offers various benefits for anyone who wants to join can become a money field by promoting Shopee products through social media.

Shopee users who have participated in this program for a long time will certainly encounter commission problems. Many are wondering about the problem of commissions that suddenly disappear or the commissions that have been collected disappear into 0 Rupiah.

This will definitely make you feel disadvantaged because the nominal money collected from the results of promoting Shopee products on social media is wasted. This problem turns out to be experienced by many members of the Shopee Affiliate program, both those who just have a little or a lot of commission.

Why are Shopee Affiliate Commissions Missing?

In order not to be surprised, we must find out what is the cause behind the problem. According to various sources found, the problem of commissions suddenly disappearing to 0 Rupiah it always happens at the beginning of the month and this is experienced by all Shopee Affiliate users.

If you are one of those who have lost their commission to 0 Rupiah, then you are not alone and don’t have to worry about the commission that has been collected just disappearing. It is known that there are several factors causing this problem, one of which is the Shopee system which does a routine reset every month.

At the end of the month, the system is like closing the book so that at the beginning of the month the commission will turn empty as if the commission just disappeared. But luckily that’s not the case, your commission is still there and Shopee only performs a temporary system reset to perform new calculations and close old calculations.


So it can be said that the lost commission is not permanent but only temporary solely for system updates. Maybe the system is doing calculations or something else that might cause this.

Then for five working days Shopee will return the nominal balance that is completely yours and will automatically reappear on the personal account dashboard. Likewise, every month it changes, Shopee will reset and the balance will appear 0 again at the beginning of the month.

If you already know the cause, you don’t need to be confused anymore to find your lost balance. However, if this is not due to a reset and for five working days our balance does not appear normal again, then you must report to Shopee through the channels provided or through social media.

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