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This is the reason why beets are the ideal food for the health of your kidneys


We spend our lives looking for foods and fruits that help our kidneys function and we never fell for beets. Yes, there are many foods that help, thanks to the properties of their food, to strengthen our kidney organsbut the truth is that on many occasions we have not realized the nutritional capacities of a fundamental food.

And it’s so much the kidneys like the bladder, are the two great beneficiaries in this sense by beetroot, a food that you should always have on hand in your diet.

It is more than well known, but just in case there is someone in the room who gets lost, we remember that the beet It is that plant with a thick, straight and branchy stem, large, entire and oval leaves.

It has a reddish central nerve, small greenish flowers, grouped in a terminal spike, and a dried fruit from which nutritional contributions for our kidneys are extracted.

Why is beet so good for the kidneys?

Now, despite the fact that these organs are vital when it comes to eliminate toxins and purify all the waste that the human body discards by nature, it does not hurt that there are foods that help.

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Learn how to make beet juice for the health of your kidneys and include it in your healthy diet

And there, beet appears on the scene of healthy foods for the organs, which above all has a double vital function for us:

  • has pdiuretic properties
  • It has detoxifying benefits

Did you know? Well, that’s not all, because the beet properties They help not only the kidneys take advantage, but also the urinary system.

Is the beet a potassium rich foodlike its fellow vegetables such as carrots, celery or parsley.

But the beet thing is a great idea to be able to always include it in our salads, and above all, in a nutritious juice that will help you go to the bathroom in conditions.

How do I prepare beetroot juice for the health of my kidneys?

carotenoids of beet are very convenient for our organism. So much so that iron, vitamin B and C almost take a backseat although they are also essential.

A good idea to capture all these properties is to make, as we said, a beet juice. Write down the ingredients you need and you will tell us.

You should only use two medium beets, water, half a lemon and sugar, or failing that, sweetener with which you will avoid problems in your blood.

The vegetable root of the beet will allow you to improve the food digestionand is also good for promoting blood pressure.

As if that were not enough, beet juice directly results in strengthening the immune systemso elemental to block the passage of diseases.

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