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This is the Pascual brik of pasteurized egg yolk that sweeps sales


Egg yolk is not always found naturally in supermarkets. Sometimes, we can also have the option of being able to get hold of one through a brik. Pascual has decided to launch a one-liter container of this pasteurized product that sweeps sales and that will provide you with the same nutrients as if it were the normal yolk of any egg in your diet.

Only Pascual, Spanish founded by Thomas Paschal dedicated to the preparation and packaging of milk and derivatives, as well as other food products such as yogurts, juices, soft drinks and egg liquid, I could do something like that.

Beyond tortillas, mineral water and soy drinks, Pascual launches this one-liter brik of egg yolks that will suit your body for their great contributions.

Pascual says that this brik that sweeps sales both on the website and in physical stores is made only with chicken egg yolks, without preservatives or other additives.

How many eggs is equivalent to Pascual’s brik?

As Pascual points out, you should avoid the inconveniences derived from handling the shells and save labor and time, so you can use this brik in a totally comfortable way.

pascual yolk egg brik milk food
Learn about all the properties of Pascual’s egg yolk brik, which has several benefits for your health

To give you an idea: each 1 kg container is equivalent to 60 egg yolks, being easy to store, use and dose at pleasant temperatures in your kitchen.

On the other hand, the maximum emulsion level It allows any pastry and bakery product to be made taller and fluffier, says Pascual on his website.

For more information, the name of the food is as follows: pasteurized liquid yolk, whose ingredients and allergens are yolk from chicken eggs.

Once opened, Pascual recommends that the brik of one liter of pasteurized egg yolk be kept between 0ºC and 4ºC and consumed on the same day of opening.

The great benefits of egg yolk to our body

To close this article, it is only fair to recall all the advantages that egg yolks have to offer our body, especially at a nutritional level.

And in that contribution, the egg yolk stands out as a vital source of vitamins and minerals. It is, on the other hand, rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

But it is by no means exempt from vitaminssince in Pascual’s brik you will find the following: vitamin A, E, D, B9 (folic acid), B12, B6, B2 and B1.

Vitamin D closes the list of nutrients, which is as beneficial as the others, and which helps not only our digestion, but also reduces our blood pressure.

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