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This is the correct way to clean wooden doors


The doorsWhether indoors or outdoors, they are one of the parts of our house that we use the most throughout the day. For this reason, the cleaning One of these is one of the things that we have to take into account the most when it comes to improving the appearance of our home.

The wooden doors They are the most common in all the houses of the world. These are very difficult to clean up if we do not have the necessary care, because if we do not use the Cleaning products adequate we could only make your condition worse.

And while it may seem like something that doesn’t get dirty, wood is one of those materials that gets dirty throughout the day. So you can never forget her cleaning in our daily life.

It’s also easy to do with the right products restore the natural shine of wooden doors. Without the need to use others with a large number of chemicals in their composition.

So you can clean wooden doors

The doors that are made of wood are very delicate, since cleaning products that are not totally suitable for this type of material cannot be used.

So you can clean wooden doors
So you can clean wooden doors

In this sense, there are some cleaning tips and habits that we can follow to prevent the wood of the doors from spoiling.

  • Dedicate 15 minutes to cleaning the wooden doors so that they are spotless without fear of the product penetrating inside.
  • Start by using a duster to remove the most superficial dust. And then use a dry cloth or microfiber cloth clean with water and neutral soap. Then you must remove the product in the same way with a clean cloth.
  • For door handles and frames, it is best to use products that are specifically made for each material. And it is that these can be very different and may need a more detailed cleaning.
  • It is best to do this cleaning of wooden doors at least twice a week.

Also, if the doors are very dirty and you want to remove embedded dirt and disinfect them, you can use more specific products that take care of the wood in the same way as soap and water.

Door cleaning according to its material

There are different ways to clean the doors, as well as depending on what material they are made of. According to the web thefurniturethere are three types of doors and each of them needs a different maintenance.

Lacquered doors: they do not admit abrasive products. Clean them with lukewarm water and neutral soap and dry with a cotton cloth.

Wood veneer doors: do not use solvents. A sponge dipped in warm water will suffice. Dry with a chamois in the direction of the grain.

Solid wood doors: They are cleaned in the same way as sheet metal ones and if you want, you can nourish them later with virgin wax for furniture.

Woman using door handle

5 tricks to clean the handles or doorknobs

We use doorknobs or door handles constantly, so it is normal for them to wear out and get dirty. Next we are going to explain 5 tricks that we must take into account when cleaning these utensils:

  • Dishwasher soap with warm water
  • spray lacquer Cover the door and the floor, just hit the knob.
  • Wax paste for cars, using a dry cloth
  • Vinegar on a cloth.
  • ammonia with water.

In this way, using these tricks, the door handles will always look like new.

Vinegar and essential oil, a classic for cleaning wooden floors

Cleaning vinegar is one of those products that we can use in any situation. It is suitable for the washing machine, to clean the dishwasher, for the floor and even for wooden doors. It is an essential that we should not stop having at home. In addition, this product can be easily combined with others, such as essential oils.

home remedies to clean the floor
Home remedies to clean the floor

Thus, by using a few drops of essential oil, we can give a pleasant smell to the entire room in a very simple and fast way, as well as economically. To use this cleaning product you must follow these steps:

  • In a container, place 1/3 of a cup of vinegar (approximately 83 ml)
  • 1 cup of water (250ml)
  • 15 drops of essential oil with the scent that you like the most. It can be lemon, orange, mint, lavender, etc.

Once the mixture is made, you will have a natural and very effective cleaning product for the wooden floor.

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