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This is the best sweetener you can use to sweeten green tea


The Green Tea is one of the healthier drinks that we can take daily, and it is that all the Benefits that it will provide to the body.

For this reason, many people are those who have already incorporated it into their daily diet. Forming an essential part of your day to day, whether you are having a cup in the morning or at night.

In any case, whatever time of day we drink green tea, it will bring us a lot of positive health properties an effective form.

One of the most outstanding things about this natural medicine is that this infusion It contains a type of polyphenolic antioxidant called catechins. Therefore, it is recommended to drink at least one cup a day to start noticing its beneficial effects.

However, if we talk about its flavor, this is not to everyone’s taste. And it is that when extracted directly from the green tea plants, its texture and taste can be quite intense for some people. So it may be that this leads us to add sugar and sweeteners that are going to break that healthy style of drinking.

Honey, the best sweetener for green tea

add sugar or whatever artificial sweetener to green tea it will make it lose all the positive it contains. Therefore, what is really recommended by experts is to take it naturally, without adding any other artificial ingredient that changes the taste.

Honey is the perfect sweetener for green tea
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But, nevertheless, it is true that many people do not get to take it because of the intestinal taste that it has. And it is that this is very characteristic of the green leaves of the tea plant from which this drink is extracted.

But we have good news, and that is that without a doubt the honey It could be a perfect natural sweetener to improve the flavor of this infusion. Without the need for us to incorporate ingredients that damage its benefits.

In this case, the honey will also add many more benefits than the Green Tea already has of itself. So if you really don’t like its taste, it’s best to add a teaspoon of this product to give it a sweeter touch.

What benefits will honey bring to green tea?

And it is that without a doubt the honey It is ideal to remove that bitter taste of green tea, and add nothing but positive things to this drink. In fact, the experts assure that its benefits increase, being some such as:

  • Reduce the risk of cavities. And it is that replacing sugar with honey is perfect to take care of dental health and avoid oral problems. Thus, honey and green tea will be a perfect combination to take care of our teeth.
  • Prevents colds and fights flu symptoms. Because honey has antibacterial properties and green tea has a high amount of antioxidants that improve the function of the immune system in our body.

The use of honey as one of the great sugar alternatives it is as old as it is nutritious. Therefore, it is undoubtedly positioned as a star product for many of the foods that we consume on a daily basis.

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