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This is how you should act if you find stains in the egg white


Eggs are a food of great nutritional value, especially due to their high content of protein, vitamin D or vitamin B12. But sometimes we can find anomalies in the white of the egg or the yolk, before which we must know how to act.

Usually the eggs They are a healthy food that it is advisable to incorporate regularly in our diet, since it provides important properties to the body. Also, there are numerous ways to cook an egg.

For this reason, the egg is one of the most delicate foods and therefore we must pay more attention. In the case of finding an egg in poor condition, it should be removed immediately and its consumption avoided.

It is also advisable to observe that there is no piece of shell left, since it can cause different health damages, such as salmonella and common name salmonella, is a bacterial genus of the Enterobacteriaceae family consisting of facultative anaerobic intracellular gram-negative bacilli with peritrichous flagella. It constitutes an important group of pathogens for animals and people.

Egg white with red spots

Most experts recommend discarding the egg if abnormalities are observed on removal from the shell, both in the egg white as in the yolk; although sometimes these anomalies do not pose any risk to the body.

In this sense, sometimes we can observe some red spot in the yolk Normally, these spots can be produced by a small tear when the yolk of the hen’s ovary comes out. In these cases, it is advisable to remove the stain with a kitchen utensil, but it can be consumed without major problems.

egg white
egg white

At present, there are important advances in the selection of eggs, but it is possible that on some occasion you come across some egg white or yolk that presents a strange state. A priori, we should always alert ourselves and think about discarding the food.

Likewise, these red spots can also appear on the egg white. Experts point out that being a small Bloodstainwhen it is consumed nothing usually happens, but removing it is always ideal.

If you prefer to be calmer to avoid poisoning, discard the egg and cook another one that is in normal conditions. “Prevention is better than cure” and this is even more true when it comes to food issues.

How to know if an egg is in good condition

On the other hand, there is a somewhat rudimentary but effective way of knowing if a egg is in good condition before the shell breaks. In other words, a little trick to know if both the white and the yolk are in ideal conditions to eat.

good egg trick

As reported by the Organization of consumers and users (OCU), an effective method is to place the egg with the shell in a glass of water with a little salt in the bottom. If the egg sinks or is partially submerged, this indicates that it is in good condition; on the contrary, if it floats, it is better not to consume it.

Therefore, certain signs after removing the shell they can indicate that the white and yolk are in poor condition, such as cracking. B. Green, reddish, or discolored egg whites, black or green spots in any area of ​​the egg, or an unpleasant odor.

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