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This is how to track an iPhone using an Android phone to find it if it’s lost

Gadgetren – Many Indonesians now use two mobile phones with different operating systems such as Android and iOS to support their daily activities.

But there are times when your iPhone with iOS forgets to save or is lost. This of course will make you panic because it was bought with a lot of money, especially if it is still in the installment period.

For that you don’t panic first because you can still track a lost iPhone through your Android phone. But for this method to work, your iPhone must activate the Find My iPhone feature.

How to Track iPhone with Android

  1. Go to page Find on iCloud site via Browser
  2. Enter Apple ID owned and press the . button Enter with an arrow icon to the right
  3. Next, enter Password in the column that appears and press the button Enter with an arrow icon to the right
  4. When successfully entered the page People, you will be faced with a map showing the location of your iPhone
  5. Use Share My Location to iPhone users around the device
  6. Next, you can ask other iPhone users to bring it to you
  7. You can also follow the map or directions to find it yourself

Easy isn’t it? Therefore, it is very important for you to always activate the Find My iPhone feature that is linked to an iCloud account so that in the worst case the iPhone is lost or stolen by an irresponsible person.

Fortunately on the latest generation iPhone, the Find My iPhone feature itself will be activated automatically. But to make sure it is active or not, you can follow these steps.

Make sure My Find iPhone is On

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone
  2. On page Settings, choose name Apple ID at the top
  3. Enter the menu Find My
  4. Next, activate Find My iPhone until the text appears On

In addition, you can perform several commands on the Items when using Find My iPhone features such as Play Sound, Directions, Notifications, Mark As Lost, and Erase The Device. Play Sound can be used when you feel the device is around you, so you only need a loud sound as a signal of its existence.

Then directions can be used to provide directions from the location of the iPhone that is visible on the map. Meanwhile, if Notifications is activated, the iCloud system will notify other cellphones when the iPhone has been left behind or is far from your reach.

However, if you press the Activate button in the Mark As Lost section, you can lock your iPhone and remotely send a message on the screen like asking the person who found it to return it. When you feel your iPhone won’t come back, you can use it Erase The Device to delete important data in the device.

Data can be restored when you do a restore using backup data from iCloud if you enter into that option. You could say a connected iCloud account can help you track the whereabouts of an iPhone that is out of range.

Fortunately, you can also use an Android phone to open the iCloud Find My iPhone site so you don’t have to worry about having trouble accessing it.

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