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This is how to share other accounts on Instagram for easier promotion

Gadgetren – Instagram can not only be a virtual place to store photos and videos as a form of memory but can also be used for one’s self-promotion.

Therefore, Instagram also provides private and public features so that users are comfortable surfing on social media. For public features, user profiles can be seen by other users from various countries.

That way, those of you who have an Instagram account with a public profile may be able to get more friends and followers. Especially if you have someone who is active on Instagram with a unique hobby.

Besides being able to interact with more people, you can also share Instagram profile accounts with other people, from followers, unknown people, friends via WhatsApp contact numbers, to displaying QR codes as a form of promotion.

Sharing other accounts on Instagram there are several ways that you can easily do yourself. You can share other accounts by copying the profile URL, sharing via Direct Message, to using a QR code.

Easy Ways to Share Other Instagram Accounts

Sharing another account on Instagram with a QR code will display an image that you can also save if you want to reuse it at any time or even print it physically in large form for restaurant business promotions, sales, and much more.

Sharing an Instagram account with a QR code will also be considered more serious and commercial for business purposes than just sharing via messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Moreover, the feature with a QR code can also not only share user profile accounts but uploads such as Reels photos and videos.

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