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This is how to know a fake Instagram account so you know which one is fake

Gadgetren – Today’s use of social media is widely misused. The reason is that there are also many fake accounts that are only used for bad purposes.

Starting from spreading hoaxes, spamming via private messages, to stalking other people’s accounts, it is mostly done through social media.

Likewise on Instagram, there are also many fake or fake accounts. Of course, this is also a problem for some users, especially the original account owner, because it can be very annoying.

Usually fake accounts will send spam messages or provide unfavorable comments on other account uploads. So it will always be better if you can distinguish between fake and real accounts.

But unfortunately fake accounts don’t use the same name as real names so it’s hard for those who don’t know them to find out. Apart from that, the names will be made as weird as possible with photos that are not their real faces.

But in fact, we can still easily recognize and find out fake accounts on Instagram so that if there are indications that they are fake, they can be immediately blocked or reported to Instagram.

Browse Through Account Information

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Enter Instagram profile if public to know account information.
  • Tap the button three dots.
  • Select the menu About this account.
  • Look join Date account.
  • If it’s new, then it could be a fake account.
  • Look username.
  • If your username has changed more than twice, it’s possible the account is fake.

Browse Through Bio and Account Profile

  • Look profile picture fake account.
  • See if the profile photo takes on a photo of the artist or something odd like a non-person image.
  • If so, then it is most likely fake.
  • See also biography profile and username.
  • If there’s an unorthodox description of the odd username in this case, then it’s probably fake.
  • Then you can also look at upload photos. If there are no photos at all, then it could be fake.
  • You can also look at follower and following allegedly fake account.
  • If the account is fake then usually the number of followers will be very much more than the number following.

Frequent Comments and Sending SPAM Messages

Fake accounts on Instagram will often comment on people’s posts with things that don’t connect or are just selling information. In fact, usually they often comment like provoking or what are known as haters. They will usually also put comments with words that are not good or disturbing.

In addition, fake accounts also usually often send messages directly or Direct Messages with strange things such as pornography, sales, promotion of certain items, and much more.

Report Fake Accounts

If you feel disturbed by the fake account, then you can report it using the features available on Instagram. To report a fake account, you can visit the account’s profile page then tap the three dot button and select menu Report.

After that select Report Account or report your account and reason menu report account. You can select the button ‘it’s pretending to be someone else‘. Next, you select the appropriate category answer in the form of ‘Someone I know, Public Figure, or Business/Organization‘. If so, immediately tap the button Submit.

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