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This is how to hide photos and videos on Vivo HP

Gadgetren – So that not just anyone can access it, you can hide photos and videos on Vivo devices.

Through its modified operating system named funtouch OSvivo has presented a feature that can hide photos and videos directly.

on device vivo itself, the feature for hiding photos or videos will present a special folder called File Safe or File Safe. To further maintain privacy, the folder can only be opened by a registered PIN.

However, it should be noted that there are differences for the settings between the operating systems Funtouch OS 10 and below and Funtouch OS 11 and above in the menu layout.

How to Hide Photos and Videos in vivo

Funtouch OS Version 11 and Above

  • Open the app Files on vivo devices
  • Select the photo or video that you want to hide
  • Press the button Options berikon three point at the top right
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Move to Safe Folder
  • Next, you will be asked to enter PIN to lock Safe Folder
  • Press the button Next
  • Photos or videos will go to Safe Folder to hide.

When photos and videos are in the Safe Folder, they cannot be accessed through the Files or Gallery applications. That way, you have to open it again via the Safe Folder in the Files application by entering the PIN that was specified earlier.

Version Funtouch OS 10 and Below

  • App access Settings on vivo devices
  • Click the menu Privacy
  • Next, select menu File Safebox
  • Enter PIN for safety
  • Fill in the answers to the security questions
  • Press the button Finish at the top right
  • On the page File Safe there will be categories Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents, Zips, APKs, and Other
  • Then open the Album application
  • Select the photo or video to hide
  • Press menu Options coat of arms three dots
  • Next, choose Move to File Safebox
  • The folder will be moved later File Safebox according to category

Photos or videos that have been hidden cannot be viewed directly through the Album application because you have to access the File Safebox folder via the Privacy menu as above.

It should be noted that Funtouch OS 11 and above has introduced the Files application made by Google as the default File Manager application. Therefore there are different steps in hiding photos or videos compared to the previous generation of Funtouch OS.

You could say the File Safebox and Safe Folder features have one goal which is used to be a safe folder in which there are files that are personal so that they cannot be accessed by just anyone.

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