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This is how to do WhatsApp video calls on laptops and desktops while working

Gadgetren – Most WhatsApp users while working on a computer or laptop may open WhatsApp more often on the device than on their mobile device.

On the computer itself, WhatsApp brings WhatsApp Web and Desktop features that can be used for communication in the form of chatting, sending various forms of files, to making short voice messages, voice calls, and video calls.

Before entering WhatsApp Web, you must also link your mobile device that already has an account and make sure both devices are connected to an internet connection so that the connection is smooth.

But for WhatsApp Web, unfortunately, until now Meta has not provided short voice messages, voice calls, and video features, so to be able to do these three features you have to use the Desktop version of WhatsApp.

You also need to download the WhatsApp application for the Microsoft Store or Apple Store according to the computer device you have. After the devices are connected, you can make short voice messages to voice or video calls.

The video call feature itself is located on the contact page you want to contact. On the contact number, the video call feature is aligned with voice calls, a search field, and a menu with a three-dot icon

How to Video Call WhatsApp on Computer

  • download WhatsApp Desktop on the official page.
  • Open WhatsApp Desktop which has been linked to the mobile device.
  • Search for the contact number you want to call by video call on search field. How-to-Video-Call-WhatsApp-on-Laptop
  • Tap the contact’s name.
  • After that on the contact page listed on the screen, tap the icon video call with camera images.How-to-Video-Call-WhatsApp-on-Laptop-1-1
  • Wait a while until the number you dialed receives your video call. How-to-Video-Call-WhatsApp-on-Laptop-2
  • A video call screen will appear with the recipient’s face.
  • You can also communicate directly face to face. How-to-Video-Call-WhatsApp-on-Laptop-3
  • After you finish making a video call, then you can tap the red handset icon button to close the video call.

In addition to video calls, you can also make voice calls on WhatsApp Desktop by tapping the voice call icon in the form of an image of a phone receiver next to the video call.

Meanwhile, for voice calls on WhatsApp Desktop, you can find the feature icon at the bottom right of the screen next to the column for sending chats or files. Voice messages will make it easier to send messages under certain conditions, such as when you want to tell a long story and don’t like typing text.

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