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This is how sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise affect the development of dementia


It is known to all that the physical exercise It is one of the most positive things for our body. And it is to keep activate the metabolism and achieve a perfect functioning of the organism through the sport and the feeding is something that will increase our Health.

But the increasingly common sedentary life of most people in the world, make the percentages of people with cardiovascular and muscular problems much higher than a decade ago.

For this reason, there are today a large number of scientific studies that corroborate the dangers of not doing physical exercise. which keeps our metabolism in perfect condition, while improving our cognitive abilities.

And it is that physical activity and the reduction of neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia, can be prevented. If we take into account and avoid some of the most common risk factors.

Now, doctors Carmen Terrón, coordinator of the Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Unit at Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario, and María S. Manzano Palomo, neurologist at Hospital Infanta Leonor in Madrid, have wanted to do their bit. Putting the focus on the negative effects of a sedentary life.

Sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of dementia by up to 30%

In this sense, the experts wanted to warn that focusing on the prevention of dementia from an early age could prevent up to 40% of cases.

The importance of activating the metabolism for the prevention of dementia
The importance of activating the metabolism for the prevention of dementia

“This turns physical activity into a protective factor against development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. As well as against cerebrovascular pathology, in addition to having a positive effect on health and quality of life”, the neurologists have assured.

On the other hand, they also wanted to highlight that following a sedentary life also increases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular problems. Such as obesity or altered lipid metabolism.

In addition, not doing physical exercise on a regular basis throughout our lives can be a problem in the future for the development of neurodegenerative problems of any kind.

For this reason, they advise avoiding a sedentary life in any way and start taking small steps towards a more active life. In which we can get to increase the metabolism activity and improve our health. Both short and long term.

Tips to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and speed up metabolism

The experts wanted to give some healthy guidelines for all those people who want to start making small changes in their lives. Since they really can be keys to avoid developing dementia, as well as any other health problem.

  1. Limit sedentary time to less than two hours a day
  2. Getting up and moving after more than 30 minutes of uninterrupted sitting
  3. Increase the time of physical activity (intense or light) to more than 30 minutes a day

“The prevention of dementia is a real possibility and a duty for the medical community. And more so considering that, at the same time, this disease generates great social concern, but there is great ignorance about many of its fundamental aspects, “they have assured.

In short, neurologists are in favor of implementing dementia prevention strategies in a multimodal way, with fundamental changes in life habits.

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