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This is how diabetics can eat sweet foods without raising blood glucose


The most recommended for people with diabetes is to take care of your diet on a daily basis, and avoid all foods that increase high peaks of blood glucose. In this sense, the sweets are considered as Forbidden food in your diet. But experts say there are some ways to eat them.

However, over the years a large number of studies have been carried out that affirm other premises. For example, not only must we give importance to food sugarbut you have to measure the total carbohydrates of the daily diet.

According to the Mayo Clinic: “Of course, it’s still best if sweets are just a small part of your diet. Candy, cookies, sugar-sweetened beverages, and other sweets and foods with added sugars are low in vitamins and minerals. And, they are often high in fat and calories.

These are nothing more than empty calories that should not be part of anyone’s diet, especially if they are diabetics who can suddenly suffer high blood glucose spikes.

So how can diabetics include sweets in their diet?

There are certain foods that, due to their composition, cause an increase in glucose levels in blood, with the consequent risks that this entails for health. This is what happens with sweets, considered harmful to the health of people with diabetes.

Tricks for diabetics to include some sweets in their diet
Tricks for diabetics to include some sweets in their diet

In this sense, it is worth knowing how they can incorporate sweets into their diet without suffering from dangerous rises in blood sugar.

One of the tricks according to experts is to replace a serving of carbohydrates of our daily food for a sweet. This does not mean that we should do it every day, but it does mean that it can be done in a timely manner.

On the other hand, it is also advisable if you want to eat something sweet that you count the carbohydrates you eat per day. For them, you should read the label and substitute small amounts of carbohydrates for small amounts of sweets.

In addition, you can also opt for products that contain natural sweeteners in its composition. For example, honey or stevia, which sweeten food without the need to consume sugar that passes quickly into our blood.

In any case, the best to get avoid regular intake of sweets is to stop eating them. And it is that we can educate our palate to make products with a large amount of sugar seem very sweet to us and reduce their consumption.

Foods that fight glycemic spikes

One of the best options to reduce blood glucose spikes in the body is to opt for foods rich in fiber. In this sense, whole grain alternatives to bread, rice or pasta are always more recommended for people with diabetes. If possible, it is appropriate that they are 100% integral.

On the other hand, if we want to consume foods rich in fat, it is best to consume those that are rich in healthy fats. As for example, nuts, olive oil, blue fish or avocado.

Thus, to snack in the morning and avoid an increase in blood glucose in the body, it is advisable to take a handful of nuts or a piece of whole wheat toast with a slice of turkey.

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