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They sue Burger King in the United States for lying about the size of the Whopper


New war for Burger King. In this case with four clients who have sued him collectively in the United States. The reason was that they were misled by the advertising images used by the company, where the Whopper hamburgers appeared 35% larger than in previous advertisements.

The plaintiffs pointed out, as stated in the lawsuit, that «Burger King advertises its largest burgers compared to competitors that contain oversized meat patties and ingredients that spill over onto the bun to make it appear that the burgers are approximately 35% larger in size and contain more than twice the meat of the royal hamburger.

The class action lawsuit against Burger King Corporation was filed on March 28, 2022, in federal court in Florida. This lawsuit, filed by attorney Anthony Russo, was signed by Walter Coleman, Marco DiLeonardo, Matthew Fox, and Madelyn Salzman signed the lawsuit.

“Burger King cheats on size”

The plaintiffs have compared marketing images from before 2017 to now. In this sense, they show in the lawsuit that the hamburger has increased in size by approximately 35%; while the amount of beef in more than 100%.

“Although the size of the Whopper has increased materially in Burger King advertisements, the recipe or amount of beef or ingredients contained in Burger King’s Whopper has never changed.” This is what the demand collects the victims.

Finally, the lawsuit states that “Burger King’s actions are especially worrying. More so now that inflation, food and meat prices are very high. Given this, many consumers, especially those with lower incomes, are struggling financially.

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