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These are the traditional foods to eat at Easter


The Holy Week It is a magnificent opportunity to get to know each other inside. Also regarding feedingwhere the cod meets the pavías, everything is paired in conditions, and for dessert appears a very sweet french toast. It happens that in one of the most popular festivals in Spain, especially in Andalusia, we do not walk with simplicity when it comes to dispatching the belly well. Take note of the traditional foods to eat in Holy Week.

After having lived most of the days of Lentwith the Catholic tradition of observing the Lenten fast on Fridays, it is not a bad idea to remember the best dishes of our land.

The experts behind the kitchen divide the dishes between those of Holy Week with those of Easter, where the consumption of meat is already allowed to enjoy Resurrection Sunday.

What stews succeed at Easter?

As far as stews are concerned, or typical Andalusian spoon dishes in the Holy Week, the chickpeas with spinach stand out without a doubt.

easter food sweet dishes torrijas stews lent chickpeas

Without a doubt, it is one of the most traditional stews that exist throughout the Holy Weekand although its preparation is more modest than expected, its result can be more than satisfactory.

If you want to prepare it, take a look at the ingredients you will need for a family-friendly and well-loaded portion of chickpeas with spinach, so you can invite whoever you want:

  • Garbanzo beans
  • Spinach
  • Garlic cloves
  • sweet paprika
  • Ketchup
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

Then we find the potaje de vigilia, which is another spoon dish that is to lick your fingers. In fact, it is considered another of the star dishes of Holy Week.

Another very typical dish of our grandmothers on these dates is garlic soup, where you can dip the bread as many times as you want before you get thirsty. You can change the chicken broth for a vegetable broth if eaten on an empty stomach.

The best tapas and desserts to taste at Easter

There is life beyond spoons, although the truth is that they predominate more for merely essential reasons. It happens that then there are fantastic dishes to enjoy:

  • cod fritters
  • Croquettes
  • shrimp omelette
  • Pavias
  • Croquettes

As you can see, most of it is fried but once a year it doesn’t hurt. Battering these traditional foods is essential to get the best flavor of the Holy Week. And save room for dessert!

Because getting to Easter Sunday alive is just a sweet bite away. You can enjoy the most traditional torrijas de leche, or other flavours.

But also other dishes that will curb your appetite, such as buñuelos de viento or the famous mona de Pascua, with a great tradition in different provinces.

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