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These are the Terms and How to Live on Snack Video to be able to join

Gadgetren – The popularity of TikTok’s short videos has made other developers join in to create a similar safe platform, one of which is the presence of Snack Video.

Snack Video is indeed very easy to attract viewers and increase the number of likes and followers. Plus this platform also offers methods to make money through existing features.

With the growing number of followers and viewers, users Snack Video it’s easier to make money. Live Streaming or live broadcasts are one method that can be done to get money.

However, not all users can do it right away because there are certain conditions that must be met. These conditions are also intended for users who have consistently created content.

Terms of Live Streaming on Snack Video

Requirements needed to be able to do live streaming on Snack Video, users must already have a minimum number of 100 followers. On the help explanation page, Snack Video mentions that the Live feature will appear for users who have met these qualifications.

Users who can continue to create and upload content consistently every day will get a high chance of being able to enjoy the Live feature. In order for the number of followers to continue to grow, you can invite friends you know to follow the Snack Video account.

Later the live streaming feature will appear on the plus button with a special Live tab near the Template tab along with buttons for recording or making videos.

If you’ve done live streaming once, it’s a good idea to be able to keep doing that to open up more and more opportunities. Apart from that, gifts will also be opened so that you can get coins that can be exchanged for Rupiah.

Cara Live di Snack Video

  • Open the Snack Video application on your cellphone.
  • Tap the alert button + below the Snack Video app screen.  how-to-live-in-snack-video-1.
  • Tap the tab key Live next to the Templates tab.  how-to-live-in-snack-video-2
  • Before Live, select filters, effects, and mode kamera.
  • Tap Apply. how-to-live-in-snack-video-3
  • Tap the button Start Live.

Besides being able to add filters, effects and camera modes, you can also use attractive Thumbnails by tapping Change Cover. You have to create the thumbnail that you want to use as the cover before using Canva or another application.

After the Thumbnail is made with colored capital letters, you can make the Live Snack Video title according to the Live content you want to make. Then you can also write live descriptions that are concise, interesting, and can make people curious.

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